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  1. Hi Helen, Sent files using the web form. Request number : 43576. Thanks, Rupesh
  2. Hi Helen, Ok doing that. Removed file from the forum and sending using the web form. Apologies for not following the instructions properly. Thanks, Rupesh
  3. Hi Helen, Got the logs from there. I have attach the file with this post. It is from the machine C, the last in the sequence. I have replace ip address with dummy characters. Please help. Thanks, Rupesh
  4. Hi Helen, Tried sharing using keys, still it did not work. Please suggest how can I send you the logs from where you want to check the issue. It contains public ip address of our systems. Thanks, Rupesh
  5. Hi Helen, Ok, I will try sharing using Keys instead of Links. If it still does not work will send you the logs, Thanks, Rupesh
  6. Hi Helen, We tried the below with no luck: 1) Uninstall Bittorrentsync from all machines. Reinstall with the latest version. 2) Set the three flags in the power user settings. Was able to get it saved from the application. 3) Configure the predefined hosts also from the application. Here A is a local machine, B is Cloud EC2 and C is remote machineIn A we are configure the IP and Port of B.In B we are configured IP and Port of A and C.In C we are configured IP and Port of B. 4) Then we added a new folder in A, copied the link and added to B. Copied the link from B and added to C. But after this it showed 2 of 2 peer connected in all three machines. Then when a file was added in A, it got synced simultaneously to all three locations. Please help. Thanks, Rupesh
  7. Hi Helen/RomanZ, My issue still not resolved. It works perfectly when done locally on three machines. However when we try the same on a local machine, Cloud EC2 and a remote machine, it does not work. While sharing the folder, it does not show any peers connected until the "PreDefined Hosts" are not entered. But when we enter the predefined hosts, it shares files directly from A to C, even if the service on B is shut down. Here A is a local machine, B is Cloud EC2 and C is remote machine In A we are adding the IP and Port of B. In B we are adding IP and Port of A and C. In C we are adding IP and Port of B. The three check boxes "Use Relay Server", "Use Tracker", "Search LAN" are unchecked for the shared folder, before sharing the folders. Also when we try to change the settings in the Power Users options, and restart the service, the settings get turn off again. Is there any specific way that it needs to be done. Please advice. Please help. Thanks, Rupesh
  8. Hi RomanZ, Thanks for your reply. We followed the steps an it worked locally on LAN. However when we tried doing it between a local computer to EC2 on Amwazon cloud and back to a local computer it did not work. We were not able to add the folder shared from local computer to the Bittorrent sync on EC2 instance of cloud. After entering the link for sharing, it kept saying "Connecting". When we tick the use tracker and use relay then it works. But with those two options off and adding the EC2 instance public ip address and port in "Predefined Hosts" it does not work. Please help in resolving this issue with your expert opinion. Thanks, Rupesh
  9. Hi Helen, Thanks for the quick reply. We tried doing this in local LAN. We got BitTorrentSync installed on three Windows machines (lets call then PC1, PC2 and PC3). Then we shared a folder between these three. Then in PC1, the the shared folder, we went to preferences and unticked "User relay server when required", "Use Tracker Server", "Search LAN". Then we ticked "Use Predefined Hosts" and added the ip address of PC2 and the port number. Port number was taken from the Preferences -- Advanced -- Listening Port. Then in PC2 we did similar configuration by adding IP of PC1 and Port of PC2. This way we were trying to see if the sync happens only between PC1 and PC2, since PC3 was not configured in either of the machines. To be on the safer side, we even unticked the check boxes in PC3. Now when we add a file on PC1, it should ideally get synced with only PC2 as it is defined in the predefined hosts. Also nothing should get synced with PC3, since neither PC1 nor PC2 has its ip + port defined in the predefined list. However the file copied in PC1 still got simultaneously synced with both PC2 and PC3. Can you please help in identifying what we are doing wrong. Thanks for your kind help. Regards, Rupesh
  10. Hi Team, We have a specific requirement where we want to sync folders from Location A to a folder in Cloud EC2 instance and then from Cloud to Location B. Currently when we share the folder, then it sync's from Location A to both Cloud and Location B simultaneously. Can someone please help with a configuration where we can achieve this. Thanks, Rupesh
  11. Hi Helen, Thank you so much for your help. We got it to work. Like you pointed out, the issue was that it was not using any config. We changed the path in the registry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\services\btsyncsvc\ImagePath " to "C:\ProgramData\BitTorrent Sync Service\BTSync.exe" /SVC /config "C:\\ProgramData\\BitTorrent Sync Service\\btsync.conf" and it was able to pick the values from the .conf file. The earlier path to the config was not having "\\". Thanks again. Regards, Rupesh
  12. Just for additional info, below is the conf file we are using: { /* my sample configuration file */ "device_name": "DIADEISMUMLAP32", "listening_port" : 3000, // 0 - randomize port "download_limit" : 0, // 0 - no download limit "upload_limit" : 0, // 0 - no upload limit "agree_to_EULA" : "yes", // Agree to the eula "storage_path" : "d:\btsync", "use_gui" : false, "webui" : { "listen" : "", // Listen on all ports "login" : "rupesh", "password" : "password", "api_key" : "[Actual API KEY]" } }
  13. Hi GreatMarko and Helen, Sorry for the typo. The GUI is also being accessed at port 8888 and not 8000 as posted in the question above. As suggested tried accessing "". It still says invalid request. Thanks, Rupesh
  14. Hi, We are new to using the BitSync. We installed it as a service. The GUI works fine The API always returns "Invalid Request". We tried calling the API using and with the same result. Can someone please help. We are using a trial API key for learning how to use the BitSync Torrent API. Thanks, Rupesh