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  1. laurin1

    IgnoreList - Not Working For Folders

    I agree, but that is what support told me I had to do .
  2. laurin1

    2.6.2 Removed??!??

    I’ve already starting deploying to machines! Seriously, if you are going to pull a version, you should post a notice of why! Do I need to go back and downgrade my machines or what???
  3. laurin1

    Latest desktop build 2.5.13

    FYI, the Change Log has not been updated:
  4. laurin1


    Actually, the first attempt, on my first machine, when I clicked Install Now, did something and then the disappeared, but did not update. I clicked "Check now" and that time it worked.
  5. laurin1

    Resilio account password

    I've worked in I.T. a long time and I flat out disagree with that publication. If the authentication process doesn't enforce rules like that, users will definitely create passwords like "123456789" or "aaaaaaaa" (on systems that allow such, I've seen it happen) which are much easier to brute-force hack (or even guess). For that matter, that document conflicts with itself: But above that the document states: The rationale is given here: I agree with their reasoning, but don't believe removing those rules accomplishes the goal indicated. Especially that last line - even for myself, the only thing that finally broke me of that (because I have to 100's of passwords) is using a password manager. Seems that pushing PM's and / or 2FA is much better advice than removing those rules as recommendation.
  6. laurin1

    Resilio account password

    What limit are you referring to? The enforcement of numbers and punctuation marks?
  7. Where the files you are referencing are stored, however, I figured it out. We run this as Local System, not a user account (too much trouble having to update passwords for changing user accounts and it's not safe since it has to be an administrator). For some reason, in the past, the config files for services were stored in C:\ProgramData\Resilio Sync Service. But I just realized that they are now stored here: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync Service Which explains why the upgrade broke it, because all of those files were moved to c:\Windows.old.
  8. Where? BTW, I had no issues upgrading to 1803 on a different machine, one that does not run Resilio Sync as a service.
  9. I just updated one of my machines from 1709 to 1803 and the config gone!
  10. I know it does not have to be installed as a service, I was just asking if you had installed some of them as a service. When it's installed as a service, you have to use the browser UI.
  11. Did you install Sync as a Service on some of these machines?
  12. This is not my experience - I have 4 machines that I run as Local System and have for several months now and have had zero issues.
  13. laurin1

    Folder Seeding

    FYI, I do the same thing (regularly) and found that if I exited Sync, rather than use Pause, I did not have this issue. Seems that Pause only pauses the actual Sync, not the monitoring of file changes.
  14. laurin1

    Folder won't sync / size limit?

    I think the issue was that I am using Junction points - they sync just fine, but the file change notification does not work. I am using Junction points because I had so many folders that it took a very long time to configure a new client. If there was some way to export and import the configuration to a new machine...
  15. laurin1

    Folder won't sync / size limit?

    Another example, I have a subfolder of a bunch of files: C:\Sync\PHPStorm I deleted all the files in this folder, but not all of the them were deleted on all machines, and some of them came back to the machine I deleted them from!!