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  1. Hello Back when this had its previous name (I dont remember) I could backup "/" and it worked like a charm. Now it says Android OS restricts access to this directory or something similar.....So I selected /storage which basically already contains all I want.... On my phone, I created backup and then pointed it to that folder....On server side, I granted access and pointed it to a share.... Reselio says its all synced up but all it did is create a emulated and self folder.....It isnt copying the rest of the data inside..... Why? How can I sync my entire data like I did back in the day? Thanks
  2. I agree. Not having this feature might be a deal breaker for some...
  3. Im syncing from a WS2012R2 (read only) to a DS214+ and it stays on the WS2012R2 indexing and indexing....I made a quick checksum of a couple of files but I cannot be 100% sure that all the files are synced correctly since I cant even Access the DS214+ sync web interface as RAM is being maxed out. I dont run anything else on the DS214+ except this and a VPN client. What is happening?
  4. Im backing up from a WS2012R2 to a Synology box and doing a folder by folder. Added 7 pairs great but the 8th pair I try to add and it doesnt do anything. I tell it the destination and it just gets stuck there. Im doing a manual connection and insreting the key manually. Whats wrong? How can I forcé it?
  5. Yes. It is a strictly read only folder in mirror mode. Anything changed is over written and delete on source is deleted on target.
  6. Im syncing from 2012R2 to a Synology box (not running DSM 6.0)in read only mode (The Synology box only reads) SSHd into the Synology box, deleted everything inside the target folder and then waited it for it to sync back up..........waited.........made a text file inside the 2012R2........and still waited.... Basically it isnt syncing anymore. It does say 1 of 1 peers online but... What can I do to force rechecking and resyncing?
  7. So why isnt it by design in other platforms? I dont want my personal information to pass thru any other server. I just want it to sync up when I get home via wifi.
  8. I want to remove Use relay server when required Use tracker And want to check Search LAN On the Android client but I cannot see the options. Where are they?
  9. Lets say we have 20GB individual files that are edited almost on a daily basis, with some changing little, temps being removed/added, static files, etc. How does the sync process review that it should always overwrite the target if changed? Im using Sync as a backup method so it should be synced (or backed up) always (as long as there is bandwidth available)
  10. Manual/wiki/help/etc should be updated to reflect that and removing any confusion... Some of us want to use this strictly over a VPN (LAN)
  11. Im using the latest versión of Bittorrent Sync and the option "Search DHT network" does not appear. I do not want to use this option but I want to make sure that it is disabled.