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  1. Well, I uninstalled and reinstalled Sync again, then when I recreated the share, I made sure to use different device names. This seems to have fixed my speed issues. At least now they are 10x faster than previously.
  2. I have had great success in the past, but am currently experiencing very slow download speed on Sync (Android) over my LAN! (6.4 kb/S max, it seems). I have one synced NAS attached via ethernet cable to router. I have 3 windows PCs synced connected via Wifi, all fully synced. In the past, I have had very good download speeds via Wifi to my android device (Dell Venue 8). I recently wanted to "reset" my sync so I erased the sdcard, uninstalled Sync, and reinstalled and reconnected Android Sync via QR code. Now my max download speed to the Android device is 6.4kB/s! Previous download sp