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  1. Done. I'm now on 2.3.5 (365). I'll keep you posted.
  2. I installed the package that you guys recently made available ( I am using v2.3.3 (296). I will submit the logs.
  3. I have BitTorrent Sync 2.3 installed a Raspberry Pi Model A, btsync crashes every day or so. I only recently upgraded from v1.4(ish) and everything worked fine with the old version but the new version will not run for longer than about a day. In checking the log file I have found that the problems seem to start with this: [20160320 19:12:31.024] SyncSocket[0xb2dfdaf8]: an error has occurred - code: 110, message: "offline (timed out)" [20160320 19:12:31.029] PD[8E0D] [0E4A]: failed to open TCP tunnel - endpoint:, status: "offline (timed out)", enc: SRP, socket: 0xac562620, tunnels: 0 The log file shows a series of these and then it finally gives up the ghost a while (a few hours) later. I found the following post which mentions graceful/ungraceful shutdowns, checking the end of the log files shows that it is not a graceful shutdown. I'd appreciate some advice on how to get this up and running again.