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  1. Hi there, this problem seems to correspond to mine. Package: resilio-sync Status: install ok installed Priority: extra Section: net Installed-Size: 15025 Maintainer: Resilio, Inc. <> Architecture: armel Version: 2.6.1-1 After reboot I get: systemctl status resilio-sync.service ‚óŹ resilio-sync.service - Resilio Sync service Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/resilio-sync.service; disabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: inactive (dead) Docs: systemd[1]: [/lib/systemd/system/resilio-sync.service:23] Not an absolute path, ignoring: ${SYNC_RUN_DIR}/ From the systemd unit file I get: Environment="SYNC_RUN_DIR=/var/run/resilio-sync" and this directory is NOT in place: ls: cannot access '/var/run/resilio-sync': No such file or directory Seems like the contents of /var/run are dynamically created at boot time?!
  2. Thanks for your reply Helen, I understand now. Edit: It may be a cool feature to select this behaviour as an option in the sync client....;-)
  3. Hi Team. I would like mention my request from this topic:
  4. Hi Helen, it should be possible for the btsync client to recognize deleted files on the mobile device and delete them at the sync target, regardless of the local filesystem permissions of the mobile device. Kind of a "one way sync" option for the camera backup function. I think this would be a great feature.