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  1. Ok, So before I started, I had: d:\Sync\FolderA d:\Sync\FolderB I backed up that folder. Swapped to the new OS Drive. Re-Installed BitSync. Restored the folder. Was prompted to enter my key. And... d:\Sync\FolderA d:\Sync\FolderA(1) d:\Sync\FolderB d:\Sync\FolderB(1) :-( Any ideas?
  2. Thanks, folks! I guess my bigger concern was that when I added the existing folder, it would see this is new files with conflicting names and add them all to the cloud - again, with some kind of conflict-resolution filename. Where is the Storage folder located? I am assuming this is where the configs and so on are?
  3. IMHO, this is not a bug, but to be expected. If you are syncing your User folder, then that includes the Sync Log. It sync's, updates the log, sees the log has changed, so syncs it and updates the log and.... rinse and repeat! Just my 10 cents...
  4. Hi, I have BitSync working between about 4 windoze machines and 2 iOS devices and love it. Thanks! Anyway, On my Windoze boxes, I have a second HDD which holds my data (this is what I'm syncing). I am about to have my Laptop upgraded by my company's IT dept from W7 to W10. This will involve swapping out my OS drive. Obviously, I will re-install Bitsync afterwards, but I don't want it to re-sync all my data! IS there a configuration file / folder or something somewhere I can copy over so that it recognizes the existing Sync status? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I do a similar thing, however in my case I have 2 HDDs in most of my machines. My second drive (data) is Waaaay bigger, so what I do is create a folder on it named "Sync" which is what I synchronize. I then go to my profile and move the various folders locations (Pictures, Documents etc) to Sub-Folders of my Sync folder. This way, not only is all of my data stored on the second (larger) drive, but I get an easy way to control what is synced. HTH