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  1. Now, I could fix all these problems related to "privilege violation" when trying to sync a folder laready belonging to any user on DSM : 1 - Install Resilio Sync only after logging as user "admin" with system password (enable it if needed). 2 - When starting, Resilio Sync asks for its own management account. Use the very same "admin" name with the system password again. That's all! Now, Resilio Sync is enable to sync any folder on the NAS with your folder on your PC. You have to copy one of the keys (RW or RO) from your PC and use the last "+" menu entry by pasting it in th
  2. All your problems will fly away if you install Sync, using "admin" account and when it asks to create its own account set "admin" as account with the same passwd as you used for DSM. Then, it can bypass all troubles with privilege violations when accessing any folder... ;-)
  3. This problem seems to be related not only to Synology but to any NAS, and might deserve to start a new topic? The fact is that on a linux-like device, the program has no way to write to *ANY* folder by default... So if you have a user account (say "John"), any folder inside : /volume1/homes/John will belong to John and can only be modified by "John" and "root". No way to Sync which is running as "rslsync" to make a change in it. Now, say we want to start on the NAS first : We install Sync on the NAS and want to create a synced folder on it. - 1st problem : Where to create a folder?
  4. The problem arises from the fact that in previous versions "sync" ran as a root process and was allowed to write anywhere. Now it runs as a plain "rslsync" user and has no way to write in any user directory. So if we try to sync a folder on a Windows PC with a subdirectory of the "home" directory on NAS, it won't be allowed to write neither in the ".sync" directory (which it uses for its own config) nor to update any of the files we want to sync, because they belong to user and not to "rslsync". It seems that "sync" should run either as root or should change to the user ID for every users
  5. Latest (2.5.4) version don't work anymore on our Synology DS414, DS1815+... After upgrade, it says that updates are locked on any folder. This is not related to "avoton" model since DS414 is "armadaxp". We tried to uninstall, then cleanup AFAIK, then reinstall. We tried to configure the sync by copying the RW folder key from Windows version. Now, it says "Don't have permissions to write to selected folder" (BTW the folder and anything inside have been set with "rwxrwxrwx" permissions !) Well... So we tried to do it otherway by choosing the NAS folder we want to sync fi
  6. Wouldn't it be nice to allow remote update of Sync to latest version? Sometimes we share folders with people who don't have enough knowledge to check each and every way to update their numerous software on their computer but need to cooperate with theirs colleagues by sharing files. Some other software (e.g. Teamviewer) allows to get control of their computer to do this update/upgrade but it is a bit cumbersome. The same software (Teamviewer) allows for its part to be updated on a remote computer, straight from the local computer. Couldn't it be that Sync do the same?
  7. Today (08/22/2016), Synology updates DSM to version 6.0.2-8451. The package BitTorrentSync (2.3.8) is no more compatible with this release and is disabled... :-/