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  1. For DS215j the 2.3.6 works! I tried the new 2.3.6 version and it installed flawlessly!!! Working 100% Thanks to BT Sync and synology crew!
  2. Thanks for the brilliant idea!!!!! I did find the 2.2.7 version for my DS215j. I installed it and it works!!! Here is the link for the Synology DS215j Is there a way to backup all the links i have setup to sync to the NAS. Because it is all empty now and have to reconfigure all the sync tasks.
  3. Hello It looks like I am a noob. I have DS215j and don't know where to find older versions to install? I heard 2.2.7 would work? Can somebody tell me where I can find these? Second what is the cmd-like view some of you try to work in? Greetz
  4. I read somewhere 2.2.7 would possibly work on the DS215j? everybody keeps showing older version but there is nowhere an overview of older versions?
  5. Hi guys I have got a DS215j and DSM 6.0-7321. (MARVELL Armada 375 88F6720) I have installed this one manually but i doesn't work. Where can I found older versions for the DS215j ? Thanks!