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  1. Morning all, I've just tried the "Search" function https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/205457725-How-do-I-perform-a-search-in-Sync- on my 2 instances. Sadly noether of them return any results. I've searched for folders that I know and see are on both the local and remote box. The results come back as "No folders matchting:......" Do I need to enable anything for search to work? I've nver used search before in previous versions so do nto want ot say this is down to 2.7 Thanks
  2. Hello, Been banging my head against a wall on this for a few hours now. I'm trying to start the Reslio service via a batch file that would then by run at X time via the Task Scheduler. Problem with this is that I am getting an "access denied" as the command needs to be run in an elevated cmd prompt. The basic command I am running is: net start rslsyncsvc I have set the logon account for this service as a local admin account and have set Task Scheduler to run with highest permissions etc but I do not seem to be bale to run this bat file with a simple double click or even in
  3. Thanks, Coincidentally I did try this with moving one of the drives (destination PC) and reattaching to the original source machine.. Yes, for the most part they only did resync (quite a few hours, which I was surprised about that time) but some data did retransfer. Not sure why that occurred as beforehand resilio was happy and from what I could see all was sync'd 100%.
  4. Their blog seems up to date https://www.resilio.com/blog/ But favoring the connect software it seems
  5. I do not use this function but I think you want to check out the option Selective Sync
  6. I've never seen the IP address and that is with machines on the same lan and across the internet. But I do you a DNS address to access my remote machine in case the wan IP changes. Not sure if I did not use that I can see the remote WAN IP. I would need to know that anyhow to connect the box there.
  7. Hello all, Am using Resilio 2.6.3 Syncing data from 1 x win 7 x64 to 1 x win 7 x64 across the internet. Both Source and Destination machines have a 2TB disk for data syncing (No OS installed on these drives). Sync is set to one way. Only Source can change Destinations data. The root of both Source and Destination drives only has 1 folder called "Data" and is shared within windows with the name "SharedData" I am now wanting to upgrade to Win 10. This means moving the 2Tb Data drive to a whole new machine. I am planning on doing this for both the source and target PC. O
  8. Hello, Am currently running v 2.5.9 x64 on Win 7 x64 and I have just noticed that when I right click on a file, the context menu then shows 5 duplicate options listed under "Open with" The option is called "Share with Resilio Sync". (not within the default "Share with" menu/option) Is this because I have upgraded from earlier versions? How can I remove 4 or all of these? Thanks