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  1. I have a Synology DS1812 (Cedarview) with the latest DSM installed on it, and currently I have Resilio Sync 2.6.0 installed and running. But when I try to download and run the latest file for my NAS (resiliosync_cedarview_2.6.2-1.spk), it fails to install. I have tried stopping the service first, and uninstalling it, but each time I try to install it, it just fails to install. I then wind up having to uninstall it, then reinstall 2.6.0 and recreate all shared folders again. Any clues as to what is happening and why it fails to install when all previous versions worked fine? Where would I look for any logs as to what failed with the installation? Thanks in advance! Bob
  2. DS1812+ worked, now running DSM 6.0. Not sure why it loaded up lots of other packages, but it is running fine now.
  3. So, is the compatibility issue mentioned above in this thread, gone now, or what is the latest with Sync & the cedarview product line at this time? Can I safely update to DSM 6 without fear of losing SYNC and not having it function, or am I still waiting?
  4. Does DSM 6.0 and BTSync work on a DS1812+ which is cedarview & 64-bit? This is holding back my upgrade, so I'd like an answer to this question. Also, will I need to re-setup my folders, etc. if I install DSM 6.0?