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  1. Thanks again Remirus. I will give it a try. Incidentally, I had to install the latest version of btsync on the RPi just to get it to work at all with my Win10 machine (I was testing with other test folders, which wasn't working until I upgraded the version).
  2. I removed the old version of btsync on the RPi and installed the latest version (from the repositories) and it seems to be working now. Question: I am sharing my Win10 folder as read only with the RPi. If I delete a file on the RPi, I understand it won't delete it on the Win10 machine. But will it ever "reappear" on the RPi? I'm using btsync as a remote backup solution for all my family photos. If something on the Rpi gets corrupt or deleted, I don't want it to corrupt the version on my Win10 machine, which is why I use ReadOnly. But at the same time, if I accidentally delete some
  3. Hi. Just install btsync (v2.3.6) on my Win10 machine. Trying to sync to a folder on my Raspberry Pi (version 1.2.67 running there). I can get them to connect, and the Win10 machine shows that it has uploaded to the Rpi machine (the green up arrows for all files), but nothing shows up on my Rpi folder. I have set permissions correctly on the RPi (the folder has r/w access for everyone) so I'm not sure what the issue is. Is there a log file (on either the Win10 machine or Rpi) that I can look at to try to diagnose?
  4. Thanks for the detailed response, however that's not quite what I want to do. I want to be able to start syncing the new folder on Win10 machine (which was created by copying the files over from the WinXP machine) with the folder on the linux device that I already had synced to the WinXP machine. BTW - the linux machine (Raspberry Pi) is running version 1.2.67 of bittorent sync. Don't know if that piece of info is relevant or not.
  5. I currently have btsync installed on a WinXP machine, doing one-way syncs of my family photos folder to a remote linux machine (a raspberry pi with attached USB HDD). This is my form of backups. I am retiring the WinXP machine, and have copied the family photo folder over to a new disk on a new Win10 machine. I will install btsync on the new Win10 machine. My question is, can I just set up the new Win10 machine to do a one-way sync of my new copied photo folder with the existing folder on the remote linux machine that currently has the synced folder? Or do I need to start fresh with a