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  1. This is happening for me on my Win 10 64bit laptop. Using current version 2.5.9. Never seen this before...only recently. Minor distraction but obviously not correct. Is there a fix?
  2. Would not auto-install/update. Failed to launch from some temp folder it creates. Had to download and install manually.
  3. Thanks for the follow-up and suggestion. Now that I have had a chance to observe the program behavior it seems that I was not giving it enough time to reestablish the linkages. So for now it seems this is a solved issue.
  4. I have a Desktop PC syncing certain folders both ways with a Laptop PC in another part of the house via wired/wireless LAN. The Desktop PC also syncs folders with some remote PC's via Internet. Sometimes I switch to a VPN on my Desktop system and when I do that the remote PC's reconnect within a few minutes but the Laptop folders do not. I have - Use Relay server when required; Use tracker server and Search LAN all selected on the Laptop/PC folder preferences. After disconnecting from my VPN the Laptop/PC folders remain "offline" and the only way to reestablish the connection is to either exit Resilio Sync and restart it or disconnect each folder individually and then select connect after pointing to the correct path. What setting or settings might I have wrong to create this behavior?
  5. Answering my own dumb question. Looks like all the answers I am looking for are here: Can't say why I hadn't found it before now. If there is anything else out there I should know about feel free to direct me!!
  6. Is there such a thing as a user manual? I am moderately educated regarding the behavior of backups and sync programs but not so much that I can easily figure out what to do for a specific requirement using BTSync. Full disclosure: at this time I am using the free version but have no resistance to upgrading but only after I have determined the software does and acts as desired/needed/expected. I have been searching for a step by step tutorial or at minimum a flowchart of how the software behaves (free version) with regard to read only and read/write and multiple shares/nodes, etc. Can anyone direct me to such documentation for the current version(s) of the software? Thanks in advance.