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  1. I have been trying to work around this for a while now. I no longer add any files to BTSync just because I am afraid of losing my files again. I still hope that some upgrade will bring my files back, but so far my files are still gone. To answer your questions: 1. How come? Because I switched from the free version to the paid version and tried to switch back to the free version and my files are "in Queue" but they never return - I was running the latest - I kept my files for syncing sep from my normal files so I do not think another app did it 2 How to restore files - Some of the files are on other peers and they will not sync, some files are just 'gone' When I can find them I copy them off to a seperate area - There is nothing in the sync folder
  2. I have been using BTS sync and I used the sync pro trial. After the trial ended, I discovered a lot of my photo files are now placeholder files. When I double click on them, it says that they are in queue, but this behavior has been going on for months, and through several updates of the program. It seems like either BTS has erased my files or they are being held hostage until I pay for the business version. If it is a one way conversion to try the paid version, I wish you had said that up front and I would have been happy to continue to use the free version. I am trying to think happy thoughts but I think either the files are erased or the sync pro trial was a one way trip.