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  1. Hello ! Thank you very much for your replies ! I will test to schedule a task on the windows server. I don't think the JASON will do everything I want but I keep this in mind. Thank you !
  2. Hi everyone, I'm using Bittorrent on 3 different support and all work. The only issue i am encountering is that the rescan intervall is not working even if i put 1 sec or 86400 sec on my Windows 2008R2. I have one Bittorrent Sync on a Debian server, one on a Synology and the other on 2008R2. The configuration is that the files on Synology and 2008R2 are send to the Debian Server. I would like to save these files every 24hours and not every time a file is changed or created. On my Synology i put the rescan intervall to 86400 sec (24hours) and it works perfectly.