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  1. Hello ! Thank you very much for your replies ! I will test to schedule a task on the windows server. I don't think the JASON will do everything I want but I keep this in mind. Thank you !
  2. Hi everyone, I'm using Bittorrent on 3 different support and all work. The only issue i am encountering is that the rescan intervall is not working even if i put 1 sec or 86400 sec on my Windows 2008R2. I have one Bittorrent Sync on a Debian server, one on a Synology and the other on 2008R2. The configuration is that the files on Synology and 2008R2 are send to the Debian Server. I would like to save these files every 24hours and not every time a file is changed or created. On my Synology i put the rescan intervall to 86400 sec (24hours) and it works perfectly. The 86400sec on 2008 R2 is not working at all, it save every file who are changed or created almost instantly... Here is the versions I use on the different servers : Debian : 2.2.7 Synology : 2.2.5 (can't be upgraded I think) Windows 2008 R2 : 2.3.3 Can my problem comes from the difference between version 2.2.x and 2.3.x ?? Can someone help me to solve this problem ? Thank you everyone. Tell me if you don't understand everything, English is not my primary language