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  1. my best guess is that Resilio's settings file - sync.dat and maybe others, are held in an open state all the time. this would explain why they often go "corrupt" when your machine looses power, and why backup programs fail to accurately back them up. newest version of Resilio's release notes says it improves on this problem, but I don't know how. real solution is to not hold these files open all the time. perhaps I should make a new habit - each time I change an important setting or add a new synced folder, I should quit resilio, backup it's sync.dat file, and start it again. I'll just run around to all the machines that I sync folders with and make copies of this obscure settings file. or maybe, just maybe, the next version of resilio could just do this for me.
  2. my log file shows these messages on the first time Sync ran upon rebooting after the machine froze... [20180116 18:24:06.712] VerifyFileWithHash failed on file /Users/admin/Library/Application Support/Resilio Sync//sync.dat with status 4. [20180116 18:24:06.713] VerifyFileWithHash failed on file /Users/admin/Library/Application Support/Resilio Sync//sync.dat with status 2. [20180116 18:24:06.714] VerifyFileWithHash failed on file /Users/admin/Library/Application Support/Resilio Sync//sync.dat with status 4. [20180116 18:24:06.715] Unsupported or empty sync.dat file I've resorted this file from backup, but I continue to get the same error.
  3. @Helen, can you look deeper into this issue and offer a solution - it is very clear that it's easy to make sync.dat become corrupt by forcing a Mac to reboot. once it is corrupt, restoring a good copy from backup is not enough. there must be another step that we don't know about. Help!
  4. I'm having the same problem, and I'm trying the same things you are, and I'm making no progress. I have a TimeMachine backup going back a year. My machine froze yesterday and I had to do a hard reboot. When Sync launches, it wanted to create a new identity. So I found this thread and followed Helen's instructions, restoring sync.dat from backup. Same problem. The instructions on how to restore a corrupt settings file from backup after a crash are clearly incomplete. there must be a step that we're missing. old backups of a good file don't just "go bad". Please, what else can we try to restore our identify from backup?
  5. Can you explain if this relates to Mac users at all? Apple no does not have a "server" version of their OS, but they do have a $20 app in the App Store that helps you configure filesharing and other "server-like" features. Does this count as a workstation or a server?
  6. how does this version differ from v2.5.10015 that was made available over the last week to address the problem of getting stuck with 100% cpu usage. Is this the same version just promoted to Released status, or are there other difference?
  7. Hi @Helen, v2.5.6 was just released. Does it differ from 2.5.10015 in any way? thanks.
  8. Thank you Helen, this build appears to have fixed this problem for me. I'm using 2.5.10015 on all of my sync devices, and looking forward to an official release that includes these fixes. Thanks again!
  9. until a few minutes ago, there were 3 devices linked to this synced folder. everything was indexed and synced. Then, I added "Mary's MacBook Pro". This image shows two problems. 1. CPU usage on these two devices (invok and NYC Server) went to 100% and the gui became unreliable. sometimes you can interact with it, sometimes you can't. the program is NOT crashed - it's just very very busy. been like this for 3 hours. I think this is also the case on the other 2 devices but I'm not in front of them. 2. Resilio wants to send all 807 gigs of data (100% of the contents of the folder) to Mary's MacBook Pro. That makes no sense, as all of this data already exists on Mary's MacBook Pro (It was synced in the past. maybe 10 files are different and need syncing, not all of them).
  10. I just noticed and installed 2.5.5. it does not solve this problem for me.
  11. How do you download the latest 2.4.x version? that might be the only solution at this point...
  12. p.s. I am RIGHT in the middle of this problem, and doing my very best to get it working today. If anyone has any input, it would be wonderful if we could collaborate today. I will watch this tread closely. Thanks.
  13. I notice that REPERTOR uses a Mac. I also use Macs. Have you done anything special with resource forks? I have edited my StreamsList file to ignore all 3 optional streams, like this: # StreamsList is a UTF-8 encoded .txt file that helps you specify alternate streams, # xattrs and resource forks white list. It supports "?" and "*" wildcard symbols. # # # # # I added the # before the 3 lines, to prevent them from being synced. Is this part of the problem? I had forgotten about this change, as I made it over a year ago. It actually was NOT in place when I created a new sync of one folder, and at first it appeared to sync successfully, but since adding another peer to the folder it now wants to sync 100% of the files in the folder to that peer, but it making no progress. 0 files are being sent to that peer. I edited this file to prevent metadata and resource forks being transmitted in an attempt to speed up syncing lots and lots of files. I'm not sure if it's necessary, beneficial, or a source of a problem.
  14. About 350,000 files about 3 TB of data I'm now in the process of creating many shared folders in Resilio, one share for each subsubfolder. So far, it's working, but I don't know if I am heading for the same limit. If I share one parent folder, which contains 10 child folders, each of which contain 35,000 files, then I have already proven to myself that I trigger this problem and Resilio fails to sync the folder. If, instead, I share each of the child folders one at a time, 35,000 files each, will I eventually reach a limit and trigger the problem? I don't know. I'm doing so now. So far I have shared two folders, and it is currently working. (this post overly simplified the situation - its not really 10 folders each with exactly 35,000 files... but you get the idea...)