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  1. my best guess is that Resilio's settings file - sync.dat and maybe others, are held in an open state all the time. this would explain why they often go "corrupt" when your machine looses power, and why backup programs fail to accurately back them up. newest version of Resilio's release notes says it improves on this problem, but I don't know how. real solution is to not hold these files open all the time. perhaps I should make a new habit - each time I change an important setting or add a new synced folder, I should quit resilio, backup it's sync.dat file, and start it again. I'
  2. my log file shows these messages on the first time Sync ran upon rebooting after the machine froze... [20180116 18:24:06.712] VerifyFileWithHash failed on file /Users/admin/Library/Application Support/Resilio Sync//sync.dat with status 4. [20180116 18:24:06.713] VerifyFileWithHash failed on file /Users/admin/Library/Application Support/Resilio Sync//sync.dat with status 2. [20180116 18:24:06.714] VerifyFileWithHash failed on file /Users/admin/Library/Application Support/Resilio Sync//sync.dat with status 4. [20180116 18:24:06.715] Unsupported or empty sync.dat file
  3. @Helen, can you look deeper into this issue and offer a solution - it is very clear that it's easy to make sync.dat become corrupt by forcing a Mac to reboot. once it is corrupt, restoring a good copy from backup is not enough. there must be another step that we don't know about. Help!
  4. I'm having the same problem, and I'm trying the same things you are, and I'm making no progress. I have a TimeMachine backup going back a year. My machine froze yesterday and I had to do a hard reboot. When Sync launches, it wanted to create a new identity. So I found this thread and followed Helen's instructions, restoring sync.dat from backup. Same problem. The instructions on how to restore a corrupt settings file from backup after a crash are clearly incomplete. there must be a step that we're missing. old backups of a good file don't just "go bad". Please, what else can
  5. ** Update ** I have 6 peers. yesterday, I upgraded one of them to 2.5.2 and immediately had this problem. no peers. Stupidly, I upgraded 1 more peer, thinking the problem was incompatible versions. that actually worked - those peers saw each other, but no others. so I upgraded one more, who at first saw no one, old version or new. Then I found this thread. Rather than roll back to 2.4, I left it like this overnight. to my surprise, all peers now see each other! Could it be that peer discovery is not really broken in 2.5.2 - it's just really, really slow to d
  6. I too used "check for updates" from within the app, upgraded to 2.5.2, and have no peers. I thought it was because the peers had not upgraded to I upgraded all of them. no peers. if you know there's a show-stopping bug, why not disable the automatic upgrade?
  7. I've found some more detailed explanations here... This article points out that OS filesystem notifications are not always perfect... ------- Different operating systems have limitations for folder-monitoring applications. For example, if a file path is located very deep in a Windows file structure, it will not send change notifications for these deeper levels. To cover such cases, Sync periodically re-scans all folders for changes. ------- Can you please tel
  8. Thank you Helen - this was helpful. Revealing the Size column in the UI allows me to see the difference between what is already sync'ed, and what needs to be sync'ed. It does not reveal the progress of the indexing process, but i suppose that's a chicken-egg dilemma - no way for Sync to know how much data is has not yet indexed until it has indexed it. I increased the index interval to 1 day. It no longer indexes endlessly. But i don't really understand what this process does.... now that indexing only happens once a day, how does Sync know what files to transmit during the day? does
  9. I'm attempting to setup a sync between two mac servers. The folder i'm trying to sync is very large - 2.3 TB (yes, TB, not GB). It contains 215,000 items. The two macs are running current OS (today it's 10.11.6), and current Mac Server. They each have full 1gbps fiber internet. Honestly, is this just too much for Sync to deal with? It's been "indexing" for 3 days. If i allow the machines to communicate, then the sync does start to work... i've left it for 24 hours and several gigs has synced, but it's also Indexing at the same time. I imagine these processes compete for the CPU