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  1. OK Helen, I have managed to send it, if you'd like to take a look. Thanks.
  2. OK Helen, i've got the log now, file is 16.5mb so won't upload through here. Whats the best way of me getting it to you? By the way when I turn it off ithe app doesn't seem to do anything. The drive just carries on whirring away, just the same.
  3. OK, when I try to copy it is saying "No Space Left On Device", but there is loads of space. 1.03tb. I'm wondering if it's because Bittorrent Sync is accessing the drive all the time, that this putty program can't get a look in. But the thing is how do you stop or turn off bt sync? If you can't get the bt sync menu to open you can't do anything?
  4. Yes it's the latest version, 2.3.6. I have enabled SSH on the drive. Downloaded putty, then connected via the drives ip address. But your command doesn't seem to work. See attachement.
  5. Thanks for the reply Helen. Yes it does appear if you 10 or 20 minutes, but if you change any settings or anything it doesn't save them. it is the latest version of sync, I upgraded it the other day but still the same problems. yes there are a lot of files in my shares and I have it set to read / write both ways. i can get the logs but you need to tell me how?
  6. Could do with some basic help with this Software. I have 3 computers and a WD MyCloud EX2 at work and have set it up to back them all up to another WD My Cloud EX2 at home. I've had it running over a month and does seem to have copied most of the files across, but the problem is the home WD My Cloud EX2 is running constantly and you can't log onto the Sync. Every time you log on just you get a blank screen. The other problem is that every few days Sync crashes and you have to reboot the drive to start it working again. Please remember i'm a newbie with this sort of stuff, so if you tell me to SSH into the drive to get the logs or whatever, I don't know how to do that. I'm willing to upgrade to the pro version if it works, but at the moment i'm struggling.