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  1. I just got an ad (paid Sync Home Pro 2.5.12) but it's the first time I have ever seen one. Adding my voice to the list of people who think it's unreasonable to show ads in paid software.
  2. No problem. Sadly the icons are pretty useless. They only display on the top level folder, and not on any subfolders or files. There is no indication of sync status. If you're used to the icons from dropbox or onedrive, you're going to be disappointed
  3. Its likely that this is caused by a windows limitation. Check out the top answer here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1057734/tortoisesvn-icons-not-showing-up-under-windows-7 (different app, same cause)
  4. Thanks, am now discussing with support and will post the result back here. Yes after I posted I went back and started re-connecting folders and noticed the ignoreList was still there. Excellent!
  5. If you are only syncing between clients on your LAN, it would use very little if any of your internet data. However if any of your clients are external to your LAN it will sync over the internet and that will use your internet data.
  6. +1 ... Keep the existing local .sync/ignoreList and allow for an overridable one that itself is synced to all devices. This would be very handy when adding new devices, and with all the random disconnection problems we've been seeing, it would make reconnecting a folder slightly less painful.
  7. I am still having this issue occasionally but have not been able to pin down the exact cause. If I can I will repost here.
  8. I just had this problem on two of my machines. Went to bed last night and everything was OK. Woke up this morning to all folders being disconnected on 2 out of 3 of my machines. On one of the two laptop I see this in the log (you can see the time difference where nothing happened because everything has become disconnected) [2016-08-17 22:34:48] ScheduledTask: "ConnectMorePeers" invoked: immediately, reason:SyncFolder::Start [2016-08-17 22:34:48] SF[C44B] [5B89]: Won't connect files, no valid addr [2016-08-17 22:34:48] SF[C44B] [D95C]: Won't connect files, no valid addr [2016-08-17 22:34:48] SF[C44B] [32C6]: Won't connect files, no valid addr [2016-08-17 22:34:48] SF[C44B] [8920]: Won't connect files, no valid addr [2016-08-17 22:34:48] ScheduledTask: "ConnectMorePeers" invoked: immediately, reason:SyncFolder::Start [2016-08-17 22:34:48] SF[C44B] [5B89]: State sync finished [2016-08-17 22:34:48] SyncReq[0x00000275360ad090][None-TCP] [0000]: cancel 360AD090 - outgoing merge [2016-08-17 22:34:49] SyncReq[0x00000275360ad090][None-TCP] [0000]: destroing 360AD090 cbcnt:5 - outgoing merge [2016-08-17 22:34:49] Sending broadcast ping for 16 shares [2016-08-18 11:02:26] Change network from WIRED_NETWORK to NO_NETWORK [2016-08-18 11:02:28] Change network from NO_NETWORK to WIRED_NETWORK [2016-08-18 11:02:28] failed to set IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP for -1 [2016-08-18 11:02:28] failed to set IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP for -1 [2016-08-18 11:02:28] setup socket 2388 for local peer discovery for success [2016-08-18 11:02:28] setup socket 4020 for local peer discovery for success [2016-08-18 11:02:28] PLC[0x000002751536abf0] binding on [2016-08-18 11:02:28] Socket[0x000002751536abf0][4048] bound listening socket 4048 to IP [2016-08-18 11:02:28] UDP: bound listening socket 920 to IP [2016-08-18 11:02:28] SyncSocket[0x00000275360adf90]: an error has occurred - code: 10051, message: "A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network. " [2016-08-18 11:02:28] Closing uTP tracker connection to Error 10051 [2016-08-18 11:02:28] Closing TCP tracker connection to Error 10051 [2016-08-18 11:02:28] Closing uTP tracker connection to Error 10051 [2016-08-18 11:02:28] Closing TCP tracker connection to Error 10051 [2016-08-18 11:02:28] Closing uTP tracker connection to Error 10051 [2016-08-18 11:02:28] Closing TCP tracker connection to Error 10051 The other machine didn't have debug logging on so has nothing of use in the log. I'm guessing maybe some kind of transient network problem caused it, but that really shouldn't happen. Recreating my ignore lists and reconnecting all the folders takes many hours and I just can't trust the system if it's going to be so fragile. edit: I have submitted a support ticket with more of the log.
  9. For the record, the new build fixes the error, but has a side-effect of not picking up changes on the Flexraid volume until a scheduled reindex. I've advised Helen by PM and will post any update here.
  10. Thanks Helen, as I mentioned in the PM the new build seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks! So in your opinion is this a bug with Flexraid, or is this method of notification using the stream common to other RAID systems too?
  11. Even if you use a UNC path, I assume Sync wouldn't get notification of file system changes on a network drive. Changes would only be synced on the scheduled reindex, not as they happen. This may be a pretty subpar experience depending on your use.
  12. Awesome, I didn't expect you to go to that much trouble, and greatly appreciate it! What was the other person who experienced this problem running? I've been in touch with FlexRaid support and they are puzzled by it. Please let me know if you think it's something they need to address with as much info as possible. Thanks for the workaround. The problem seems to sort itself out without the IgnoreList entry - the errant file gets synced around and then deleted - so I think I'll leave it and wait hopefully for a fix.
  13. Thanks Helen. There are no linux boxes involved, only Windows 10 machines and a couple of mobile devices (which I have disconnected for now). However one of the windows machines has it's folder on a FlexRaid storage array (a software RAID solution) which creates a virtual drive out of a pool of hard drives. I wonder if that has something to do with it, since it's essentially emulating the NTFS file system - perhaps it doesn't have support for streams. I'll post on their forums and see if I can find out anything. I must admit I was curious why searching didn't come up with a single relevant result, as I guess I'm the only person using these two particular pieces of software together.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I understand that colon is an illegal character on windows, and my files do not have a colon character in their names. In the above example, my file is DSC06609.ARW and Sync has added the ";bts:com.bittorrent.sync" part itself when creating some kind of temporary file, which it then tries to sync.
  15. I have a rather annoying problem. Sync usually creates .bts files on the new device as placeholders for the downloading file. But in my case it's creating files with a ":com.bittorrent.sync" extension which it then attempts to sync to other devices, resulting in the message: Illegal characters replaced ???.bts:com.bittorrent.sync was renamed using supported symbols The file then gets removed (from all devices) once the actual file has completed syncing. Ultimately it seems to sort itself out in the end but creates a lot of annoying error messages and unneccessary chatter in the process. I also end up with a lot of deleted placeholders in my "Archive" folder (see sync2.jpg). The problem has occurred with several different folders. All devices are running Sync Pro 2.3.7, two of them installed as a service and one running as a regular app. There's also an android device and an iOS device, both with the folder connected in "selective" mode. Any ideas what could be causing it? I am mostly loving sync and this is really my only major complaint. edit: originally I stated that it only happened on newly added folders, but this is not the case. It's also happening on syncing folders that were already connected. edit2: originally I was using Sync Pro 2.3.6 but I have since updated to 2.3.7 and am still experiencing the issue.