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  1. Has anyone got this working in Synology DS212j?
  2. Has anyone got this working on Synology DS212j?
  3. @Helen Regarding permissions, what setup would be proper? The thing is, even if Sync has 'finished' copying all the files, which i can check in the target folder having BTS placeholders, it does not end with 'Synced all files'. It continues with uploads and downloads indicating 100+Kb/s. I do not know what other files it is transferring or why it does not end.
  4. @RomanZOk i will try what you suggest. I only see "sync.log" file. Cannot find "sync.log.<some number>.zip". Is that ok?
  5. No abnormal messages. My source and target peers connect and upload/download speeds are showing correct speeds. The only problem is all files sync to my NAS are BTS files and it never completes them unlike desktop(PC) to desktop(Linux) syncs. Any solutions? By the way if i disconnect from the source, the file would still exist in the target folder having BTS. Then when i remove the BTS extension by renaming it manually, i now have a usable copy of the original file.
  6. Greetings! I was able to install Bittorrent Sync 2.3.6 (378) for 88F628X on my Synology DS212j. Going through the usual setup of P2P source and target i only get placeholder files (bts) showing in my NAS. Could not get the actual files to sync. I'm syncing files from my linux (ubuntu) and windows 10 box. Between windows and linux there is no problem. This happens only when i Sync with my NAS. Please help as i would like to use my NAS as a frequent backup target for all my files. Thanks!