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  1. I confirm. +1. Upload speed = Vitesse d'émission Download speed = Vitesse de réception I was about reporting these issues but saw they have already been mentioned. Thank you!
  2. Any plan for a release running on the Intel Edison?
  3. With the send_buf_size and recv_buf_size settings set to 32 MB, Sync has been running successfully for 144 hours now, and counting.
  4. Same issue here but with BitTorrent Sync 2.3.6 (378) running on a BeagleBone White under Linux BeagleBoneWhite 3.8.13-bone79. [ 428.033327] Out of memory: Kill process 942 (btsync) score 579 or sacrifice child [ 428.041226] Killed process 942 (btsync) total-vm:234080kB, anon-rss:150724kB, file-rss:500kB Sync crashes when I launch the web GUI. Under /.sync, one .db file weights 1172480 and one .db-wal 1032312. Files in the /.sync directory are to big to be attached. I've opened a ticket as suggested.
  5. It looks like the automatic configuration doesn't work fine. I've found the parameter to change in the preferences. Quit and relaunch BitTorrent Sync.
  6. Hi! I've installed Sync 2.3.6 on 2 Macs running on French OS X 10.11.4. The interface is in French on one Mac, as it should be, but English on the other. Why the interface isn't in French on the second Mac? How to switch to the correct language? Thank you!