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  1. Hope this is enlightening to you, it seems fine to me so far... could it be a permission of a folder above it? Seems like everything is owned by admin, with read/write/execute permission for owner and group (just like folders below). ps | grep sync 8574 admin 912 S N /usr/bin/rsyncd --daemon --sever-mode=1 --qnap-bwlimit 9914 admin 1220 S /usr/bin/qHAsyncman 9942 admin 1376 S /usr/bin/qsyncman 13981 admin 9620 S /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/BitTorrentSync/btsync --config /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/. 30655 admin 536 S grep sync ls -al /share...
  2. Thank you for the tip. The BitTorrent screen is loading now without changing anything... maybe it was still loading when I tried. While your tip sounds logical enough, BitTorrent is running as admin, and admin has access to all shared folders. I even had the permissions rebuilt from the sharefolder management screen, and BitTorrent still says it doesn't have access. Hell, the folders are OWNED by admin. What am I missing here?
  3. I'm using QNAP TS451 with 4.2 firmware. I plan to sync photos across my iPhone and wife's iPhone, or at least back them up on the server. Every other app has sucked so far, so this looked promising. First time I loaded the qpkg just by searching with the built in QNAP app manager (ver 2.3.6) and though the btsync screen loaded beautifully and was user friendly, if I tried to link my phone and set a destination folder, it errors saying "sync doesn't have permissions to this folder" no matter where I put it. Even pre creating the folder in QNAP. I tried to change permissions to give