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  1. Hi, I've had enough. Been trying for 3 days now to perform a relatively simple operation. Your partial, very badly constructed and impenetrable help files are no help whatsoever. The interface is confusing and the process is awful! I've followed the step by step guides (which don't mirror the program) to no avail. Although not a 'techie' I'm a quite advanced computer user of many years experience but I can't get your program to work. Enough wasted time! Uninstalling. Goodbye.
  2. Hi, I've just installed the trial and, after some considerable time, got my laptop and desktop syncing. Please tell me 1) When I buy the licence do I need to buy one for both my laptop and desktop to keep them syncing or will one licence work for both? (this is the only sync I will use). 2) Transfer speeds seem to be around the 600 - 800 kbps, units are connected via home wifi router (one wireless one ethernet) This seems very slow. Please advise? 3) Advice for syncing pre-populated folders includes instruction to use 'disconnected' mode on computer 2, can change this to 'synced' after setup as disconnected (folders only I think) is of no use to me? Thank you, Peter
  3. Hi, What is the difference between linked devices and devices with different identities (is that unlinked?). When it it appropriate to use them? Why isn't this covered in the FAQs? Thanks Peter
  4. Hi, Please assist further. I'm confused. I have the app on my laptop and my desktop. I want my existing laptop folder C/Documents to sync with existing desktop folder D/Documents. Both folders already exist and hold about 150 Gb each. Both folders are largely identical in content, but have some small changes on each that I want to sync onto the other to reflect the most recent change/addition on either machine. I want read & write access on both machines. So far, trying to sync from desktop (D) has resulted in an additional folder called 'Documents' being placed inside the existing C/Documents folder and the contents from D copied across to that, (with nothing going back to (D)). The folder on (C) was also described as read only. Please can you tell me, step by step, how to achieve the mutual syncing so that (a) I don't have to copy across the full 150 Gb and (b) so that any differences on either machine will be updated on the other to the most recent change. Thanks for your help. Peter
  5. Hi, I want to sync the main documents folders on my laptop and desktop. The both currently exist and are largely similar. How do I sync these 2 folders together just by updating the differences between the two folders, rather than recreating one folder all over again on the other machine? Thanks Peter