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  1. Hi - I submitted a ticket and then wanted to add additional info to it. I was met with "please await a response before submitting another ticket" or something like that. No menas by which to add info. It should be registered under this username: I wanted to point you towards a video that shows the problem live: Basically, I think resilio has deleted over a decade of user files. I do hope you can add this to the ticket. It deletes it around 4.15s
  2. Thanks Moe. So in this scenario, does the folder scan not start once Resilio is executed, or does it wait for the set interval before scanning (even after a fresh start)?
  3. Hi folks, This is a question around how Resilio works. I am running it on an old laptop: Core Duo T660 @ 2.2GHz4GB MemWindows 10 When Resilio running in the background, it uses around 50% cpu. I've tried all the workarounds - disabling lan encryption, deep folder scanning etc. Disk-low-priority to true etc, but CPU uasage still really high. So came up with the idea of modifying files when Resilio not running and then running Resilio once I've finished working on them to sync to the other PCs on my LAN. However, when I do it this way, the files do not appear to sync. I
  4. It transpires it was a dodgy hard disk. Nothing to do with Resilio sync. Was a bugger to isolate as chkdsk and all other "100% disk usage" solutions didn't solve/identify the problem.
  5. Laptop: Core Duo T660 @ 2.2GHz 4GB Mem Windows 10 When Resilio's running I'm permanently at 100% disk usage. When not. I'm not! Done all the other Windows 10 things like disabling Superfetch, Prefetch, Windows Search etc. These approaches did nothing until I stopped Resilio which stopped the high disk usage. Any suggestions?
  6. sorry to necro, but +1 on the individual public file link. Only missing thing preventing me from totally leaving dropbox - I use the r-click context menu + public link for forum posting etc. (images mainly). Something like this on BTSync would be great
  7. +1. Also, for collaborative folders (across different users) some indication of who's done what on what files (added, replace, deleted etc). Great app. Been waiting for a personal cloud for ages
  8. Guessing that's a "no at the moment" then? Will add request.
  9. Hi folks. New to BTSync and loving it! Have a home server, so can finally wave goodbye to other, corporate cloud services I love a lot of its features, especially the file-level excludes (something another proprietary cloud service isn't doing yet!) So, I'm using BTSync for various projects. I invite others to collaborate on files via a shared folder. Is there any way I can view other users' operations on a shared folder? (e.g. if they add/delete or replace a file?) Oh, and off topic - are there any plans to build in a 'public' type folder like with another cloud service + also add