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  1. I think unlinking remotely is very important... unsure why it is not in the plan to develop this.
  2. Sorry guys, I've found out that i need to change trust level in Package Center -> Settings -> General. Set Trust Level to "Any Publisher". Problem solved.
  3. Hit a roadblock. It says that "This package does not contain a signature". I've checked that the package and CPU is correct. Did i miss out anything?
  4. May I know if the index will recognise the files and not duplicate them? Coz the last time when i move the files from 1 folder to the other, all files got duplicated at all storages. Any more detailed HOW-TO for this?
  5. Hi, I managed to upgrade to DSM 6 from 5.2 and install resilio 2.4.1-1 manually. But now all the sync folders are gone... how do i get them back? I do not want to recreate them because they are huge and the indexing will be a pain. Please advise.
  6. May i know if this issue is being resolved? We have deployed many DSM+BTSync but now still running DSM 5.2 because it is not working. Hope to get a fix from Synology or Sync soon.