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  1. There is an invalid assumption in Sync (and many other softwares) that media will not deteriorate over time. To detect deterioration, a forced full reindexing reading every single bit could be useful. I have not seen this function in Sync so I am requesting this feature. Background: I use Sync readonly shares to make offsite backups of a 20TB data set. Two backup sets are swapped by physically transporting drives to remote location for safe storage every 2-3 months. A few times deteriorated media has been detected, not when syncing but when explicitly scanning media surfaces with tools such as HD Tune. A built-in function in Sync to trigger a full reindexing would be a convenient way to verify that existing data is still readable. Currently using Sync 2.6.1 For Windows 64-bit, Home Pro license.
  2. I am seeing 0.5 - 5 Mbps traffic between my two syncing Windows computers on a LAN in an idle situation, was expecting close to zero. Configuration: 15 folders, about 300K files and subfolders, about 1.5 TB in total. Both peers have finished indexing and syncing. rescan interval set to a large number. All folders are syncing with read/write keys. One folder is on a removable drive on one computer, and has been removed. LAN peer discovery is on. No peers outside the LAN when this behavior is observed. Questions: Is this a problem or expected behavior? If a problem, how do I diagnose this problem? Any suggested approaches to solve or workaround? Thanks.
  3. Filter the history by folder, by peer, by time, and by text search. Current implementation of Windows GUI shows one monolithic list which decreases in value as the number of events, folders and peers increases. Some filtering could make the history quite useful.