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  1. well, as for me, I am happy to hear that resilio is still here and I hope they will thrive. I am also happy syncthing is doing well. jdrh: the issue was no responses to support requests by paid customers, not no responses on this user forum. nothing disingenuous about it.
  2. I sent a short support inquiry, just asking "are you still answering this support request email?" about a week ago. (I may even have written "is resilio dead?") I suggest you do the same to confirm the obvious.
  3. I just tried to send a request via the built-in support system feature on the settings page. it collects the logs for a while, and then dies with "Failed to send feedback". sorry, but resilio does look dead to me.
  4. https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/205450355-My-files-don-t-sync on one of my folders, sync now stops at 20%. there is no warning/error triangle sign on the folder in the macos gui log. in the macos gui, there is nothing in the "Error" or "Warning" category, but it says it failed to download some (.sass-cache) files. there is no read/write permission problem I can see. the files should go just fine, but they stay on the linux host and are not sync'ed. the linux host has no GUI (server linux). where do I find a clear error message??
  5. purchased home pro version, too, and send a support request 3 weeks ago (auto acknowledgment). have not heard back, either.
  6. thank you. can the device name be changed for already linked up devices? (https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/206163443-Can-I-change-the-name-of-my-Sync-identity- hints that doing so for an existing peer may require un-relinking. it gives instructions for unlink-relink on macos, but not for linux.) I think the answer is yes...the device name can be changed running. I don't think I can use the webUI, because there is no gui on the linux server, so I cannot point a browser at localhost. or is it safe to give it a static IP address of another machine, where I could then run
  7. on macos, I can learn the name of the device in the GUI under Settings, General. on my linux server, which has no GUI, how can I find out the device name? (the ultimate goal is to determine whether my two hosts have a path to and/or see one another.)
  8. I would like my resilio-sync to have permissions to place files everywhere it wishes to. in other words, I want to give the daemon root privileges. Ideally, the daemon would preserve the uid and gid and permissions of the files themselves. on linux, I can accomplish this by editing /lib/systemd/system/resilio-sync.service . what is the equivalent file (or method) on macos?
  9. I have sent a help request about 2 weeks ago but did not hear back. I just tried to log in to the helpdesk but received a message that the Zen desk is not there. my problem seems to be that my macos and linux do not [fully?] talk to one another. My sync folder shows 20% on my macos GUI, and then is stuck. the linux files tell me the linux /lib/systemd/system:0:24> more resilio-sync.service should allow virtually everything, being root! User=root Group=ivo Environment="SYNC_USER=root" Environment="SYNC_GROUP=ivo" and the daemon has started up: * resilio-sync.service
  10. where does rslsync on ubuntu linux store its computer name? I am logged in on the computer, but I cannot figure out which/where it is. it is not in /lib/systemd/system/resilio-sync.service, or in /etc/resilio-sync/ as far as I can see.
  11. I love resilio sync and have (needlessly) purchased the pro version to support the efforts. but I have one big frustrating complaint. Why is there no utility that does automated troubleshooting?? right now, I again have a strange situation where host abc and host def do not sync. I am guessing it is related to a recent resilio-sync update that rewrote my /lib/systemd/ user identity definitions. (it first failed because the old pid sync lock was still rslsync owned, rather than user owned, but I have fixed this.) I also have ssh privileges on both. I created test files on
  12. I am a very happy user of resilio-sync. I own root on run each and every computer (only macos and linux) . The uid's are the same on all computers (old unix habit). for linux, I can set /lib/systemd/system/resilio-sync.service with a user of 'root'. Alas, I have not yet figured out the following. I would like all changes in permissions, uid, and gid be synched appropriately everywhere. that is, for example, if I 'chmod g+w file' on one computer, it should appear so on all synched computers. if I 'chown root thisfile', it should appear so on all other computers. could som
  13. Can I extend a public kudos to your support here. Very competent and quick. I purchased a pro license not because I needed any pro feature, but because of your excellent customer support. Alas, you do need to write a command line program that automates troubleshooting on Mac and Linux by parsing the log file and checking for common problems. Asking a person to debug log files does not seem like a good use of your time.
  14. thx, helen. what if the firewall blocks them?? will it still work? (I am asking because of the ports and protocols document, and IT firewall config.)
  15. I am still wrestling with getting my linux clients to find their swarms. I read the (presumably definitive?) https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/204754759-What-ports-and-protocols-are-used-by-Sync- I see mentions of 80, 3838, and possibly 1900, and 5351 in the document. the links further describe 4000, 3000, 3001. Suggestion: in the doc, add a table at the end. So, I started looking into what ports are used with netstat -l. Whenever I run resilio-sync (and only when), I also see some more: 25588 --- is this port used by rsl? Intermittently, I a