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  1. Hi, I want to raplace my Mac mini with a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ for Sync and Plex. My question is what is the best sync stretegy for less ram usage. Does sync use less ram with one big sync folder? Now, I have more than 22 folders. The size of the folders vary between 500 MB and 300 GB, in total 500 GB. Best regards Kay
  2. Thanks, I will test the new version (2.3.8). The automatic update does not work. On the other device was installed an older version.
  3. Hi, I tested it for a few days. I think, it is a little bit better. Nevertheless, the cpu usage is often very high.
  4. Hi, I have very often high cpu load on my both macs (mac mini and macbook pro). There are no syncing processes running (no uploads, no downloads and no indexing). One core is at 100% for a long time. Version 2.3.10022 (0) Best regards Kay