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  1. I requested and received confirmation of acceptance to the API program. However - we have received several emails saying "Your api key is below" and the section that I believe is to contain the is completely blank. It's not an HTML error or hidden text - the information is simply not there. Received Mon 23/05/2016 Welcome to the Sync API. Thank you for applying for a Sync API Key. Below is your 12-month free Evaluation Key. This key can be used to assess the Sync platform and get a head start on building your solution. Please note that the API calls for this free Evaluation Key are limited by the Sync license you have installed: free clients only support free features and Pro clients will support all calls. Also this email received Mon 30/05/2016: Connect with the Sync API community. Now that you have an Evaluation Key for the Sync API, why not connect with our engineers and other developers in the Sync developer forums? Ask questions. Share ideas. Interact with our engineers. Click Here to visit the Sync developers forum. Reminder: Below is your Evaluation Key to assess the features of the API or to get an early start on your application. This Evaluation Key is valid for twelve (12) months, and will need to be converted to a Licensed Key by contacting our sales team. If you’re ready to start working with the API, get started by following the link below, and thanks again for joining our community. Get Started