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  1. Thank you I got this link on the homepage, see the attached image
  2. Hi when trying to follow the "installation guide" link, the web browser returns page not found. How do I access the installation guide? thx
  3. It's always necessary to wait the opinion of the users before making an update, especially on a critical system ... Why immediately update a system that works ........ But if it was not indicated in the changeLog, then yes, there should be more clarity on the part of Resilio in the updates. (Sorry for my English, I'm French)
  4. Are you using version 2.5.4? Because I still have no peers with this version. Edit : Version 2.5.4 works very well
  5. Hello I use servers dedicated to "" they are much better than at ovh and the prices are correct ( French) ( English) (Italiano) (Deutsch)
  6. With version 2.5.2, the servers work, but not the Android mobile app (no peers)
  7. I had this problem some time ago between a linux server and windows, I applied the correction of the client support on my server linux and this corrected my problem of speed " " Haley WebbFebruary 27, 2017 09:02 Hello, Thank you for the report. Peers are located in different networks, right? We have checked the logs, and there are no any errors - files are just being synced at a max speed available at the given moment. We've noticed though that speed usually drops when peers connect over UDP protocol, so it's possible that ISP might be shaping the traffic. you can force TCP only: stop Sync, go to storage folder, find file debug.txt, open it and put 2 as the second line instead of 0 (zero) there. Start Sync. Do that on both peers. If that does not help, revert it back to zero and give more details about your network. Is there any reason why DEDIBOX considers its local and public IP the same - 195.154.xx.xx? " "
  8. Hello You have to look in the kernel log when ResilioSync stops .I had this problem with a Netgear ReadyNAS. You have to look if he writes: "Out of memory" "October 14 ReadyNAS 10:34:08 kernel: Out of memory: kill process 759 (rslsync) 12827 or score a Child Oct 14 10:34:08 ReadyNAS kernel: Killed process 759 (rslsync) " it happens with many file synchronized and there is not enough memory RAM. excuse me for my english, I'm french ++