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  1. Was wondering myself. It works fine, just curious if they ran out of money and stopped development.
  2. Please see here: http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cF1D3ZF6fu
  3. If you shrink the width of the windows desktop window, the vertical scroll bars disappear. Widening it to include 80% of the columns restores them.
  4. I have the latest version and the vertical scroll bars disappear when I shrink the window down. The window has to be resized right across the screen for them to reappear. Has this bug been there for 4 years?
  5. I noticed sync gives the option to install as a windows service or I believe just a program. What is the difference? Also, the check now for updates in the program says it can't reach the server.
  6. Sync is being run as a regular application. IE is 11.0.96 I have 20 sync folders with about 500 gig syncing. Most folders have no peers and don't actively sync.
  7. I am not certain it's Resilio sync, but I think it is. I get an error daily that the script is running slowly, asking me if I want to stop it. Many other programs, including thunderbird, freeze and stay frozen for a couple of minutes until I use task manager to stop resilio. Anyone else have this issue?
  8. Thanks. It was getting stuck on a filename with % characters that seemed too long. It keeps resending the file over and over again, which can be a disaster if using mobile cellular data! Is there a program for cleaning out the % ascii characters from filenames in windoze?
  9. I have been trying to sync 26 gigs, and it keeps stopping at 14.6gigs. It says connected, shows downloading speeds, but nothing is coming down the pipe. I've been using the program for years, have started/restarted the app on both ends, deleted the directories and tried to start fresh, removed the sync files and re-added, but nothing is working. Using Windows7 and Android 6.0.1