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  1. Im a long time user of sync and the latest version now seems to stop running after a few hours. Three separate Synology NAS systems sync work for me to home and another remote site. All 3 exhibit the same behaviour requiring me to restart multiple times per day. Kind of defeats the purpose of contnuous sync! Is this a known issue and what can I do to force resilio to stay active? best regards Mike
  2. Just updated to DSM 6.0.1-7393 Update 2 on my DS 1511+ Sync working fine still best regards Mike
  3. Hi Helen, Sorry i didn't get back it does in fact work now. I had to go in and manually delete all the folders I'd made earlier as it was a bit confused but one restart and reinstall later and its finally syncing! I upgraded to Pro on all my desktop and the NAS too so hopefully it works forever Thanks for all you help - great customer support. Mike
  4. Sorry to keep pushing but is there an ETA for a compatible version for Synology DSM 6.0.1-7393 Update 1? I will need to create a new solution if its going to take a while so just need an indication of likely time frame. best regards Mike
  5. im obviously missing something in my setup of ssh. Using terminal from OSC I ssh into the box fine with admin and the admin password but I get permission denied when trying to mkdir... Managed to get through the install process having to prefix everything with sudo but once complete no sign of sync in packages and cant launch from drop down menu. Any ideas? thanks for the help!
  6. Hi im happy enough getting into the nas and digging around but /usr/local/bittorrentsync/bin does not exist as this NAS has never had a workign copy of btsync on it. I guess the instructions I need is how do I install btsync via ssh so as to bypass the synology 'this isn't supported' message I get when installing with DSM. thanks Mike
  7. Hi Helen, yes the 1511+ is fine with DSM6 and as I hadn't used the box in a while I updated all the way to the latest version before I started dropping packages in... Im therefore in the position that I don't have a pre-existing install of btsync and now can't install This is really the first time ive tried to use my old nas for anything beyond playing music so Ill have to do some googling to get up to speed with ssh... Mike
  8. Hi is there any progress on a fix? I rebuild my old DS1511+ yesterday purely for sync and when I came to install it got a message that 'The package is not supported on the platform of DiskStation'. Is there ANYTHING I can do? Mike