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  1. Does that mean current is 2.3.8, so in 2.3.9 I can expect correction ,please? Thanks
  2. Both are Windows 10, if it was the question.
  3. Hi, have you solved the problem? I got the same... Too many nodes to send and huge numbers at RO : SyncSocket[0x0000023c01ea0960]: ERROR: packet size is too big, size = 63391175 Regards, Jaroslav
  4. Hello, I have syncing problem more the one year since version 1.* to current release (2.3.7). Some files, approx. 20, in a huge synced folder (922GB, 75k files) remains in a que and will never sync. If I add more files, they are synced immediatelly, but these 20 are still in the que. I have, for example, file d:\Jarda\Backup\m\lynax\LHB3\LHB3\Collections\CFs.cs, which waits in the que. If I rename it, it's synced. If I only change attributes, timestamp or content, it stays unsynced. Another file CF.cs is absolutely ok. If I put the same file into different folder, it is synced! I really have no idea, what is wrong. The situation is the same for other synec folders (some files remain unsynced). Logs seem to be ok, ignore lists are commented out. Both machines are Windows 10 (were Windows 7 and various BTSync versions). The problem persists. Any help is very appreciated. Jaroslav