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  1. Does that mean current is 2.3.8, so in 2.3.9 I can expect correction ,please? Thanks
  2. Both are Windows 10, if it was the question.
  3. Hi, have you solved the problem? I got the same... Too many nodes to send and huge numbers at RO : SyncSocket[0x0000023c01ea0960]: ERROR: packet size is too big, size = 63391175 Regards, Jaroslav
  4. Hello, I have syncing problem more the one year since version 1.* to current release (2.3.7). Some files, approx. 20, in a huge synced folder (922GB, 75k files) remains in a que and will never sync. If I add more files, they are synced immediatelly, but these 20 are still in the que. I have, for example, file d:\Jarda\Backup\m\lynax\LHB3\LHB3\Collections\CFs.cs, which waits in the que. If I rename it, it's synced. If I only change attributes, timestamp or content, it stays unsynced. Another file CF.cs is absolutely ok. If I put the same file into different folder, it is synced! I really