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  1. I just learnd, that systemd user instances indeed have no multi-user as target! See man 7 systemd.special #SPECIAL USER UNITS so, for user instances default would be the correct target I suppose - combined with lingering
  2. Hi, I just solved an issue I had - just wnated to document it in case it's of some use? I had trouble to automatically start Sync under my user on my Fedora 23 laptop at boot. Although I had enabled btsync as systemd service under my user, it did not start up even after I entered my graphical session. In addition I enabled lingering for my user, i.e., to start a user manager for my user at boot and after logout - so that services under my user will survive me logging out... > sudo loginctl enable-linger $USER > systemctl --user enable btsync > systemctl --user start btsy
  3. Hi, I have created a Sync v2.3.8 jail on my FreeNAS v9.10 box. Problem is, that the WebUI is not reachable. I can ping the jail's IP(v4) (locally fix, outside of my DHCP range), but no one is listening on port 8888. A btsync process is running in the jail listening on 49692/udp (if I get the BSD netstat -4 -l right...) but no one on 8888. With sockstats -l -4 I see the btsync PID listening on 49692 and 12349 on the external IP and on 8888 only for I guess, I have to configure sync to listen on the external interface in addition, or? Question would be where/how?
  4. Hi Helen, unfortunately, I have moved on my desktop in the meantime from the containerized client to run it directly within my user's context, i.e., > systemctl --user {start,enable} btsync I have to see, if I have kept the container logs in a snapshot Anyway, running sync directly in the user context has no problems syncing. So, I suspect with the container either network issues (which would be strange, since both setups have been using the same ports on the host) or file system permission/ACLs related problems (would also be strange, because the user directory wa
  5. Hi all, I have troubles automatically syncing directories in my user context with having the Sync instance encapsulated in a Docker container (having a Pro licence) Using the Sync-Dockerfile [1] [2] (afais Ubuntu 15.04), I have setup an instance on a Ubuntu based server and anothe rinstance on my Fedora 23 desktop. the server's data directory points to a btrfs subvolume, i.e., DATA_FOLDER="/data/sync/" > docker run -d --name Sync -p$WEBUI_PORT:8888 -p 55555 -v $DATA_FOLDER:/mnt/sync --restart on-failure bittorrent/sync on the desktop