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  1. @nuttall Thanks for your response! That makes sense. I don't care whether COMPUTER-1 and COMPUTER-2 sync directly (which is perfectly fine when they are both online at once) or via ALWAYS-ON-COMPUTER as the middle-man. If I understand correctly, the Read & Write key would somehow connect COMPUTER-2 to both ALWAYS-ON-COMPUTER and COMPUTER-1, such that it would sync with either one (or both) that is online? Is there any reason I couldn't take this setup one step further and do something like the following? LOCATION 1 COMPUTER-1 [using Read & Write key, and conf
  2. This is probably a dumb question, but I haven't been able to find the answer in the forum or the support areas. What I would like to do is to sync files on two computers (COMPUTER-1 and COMPUTER-2) by using a third computer that is always online (ALWAYS-ONLINE-COMPUTER) using an Encrypted Folder, so the ALWAYS-ONLINE-COMPUTER only sees encrypted data, but COMPUTER-1 and COMPUTER-2 can sync even if they aren't both online simultaneously. And I would like the sync to be bi-directional, so files changed/added/deleted on COMPUTER-1 are synced to COMPUTER-2, and files changed/added/deleted on COMPU