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  1. I ran the free Kaspersky Security Scan which was the software that found it. It didn't remove it though (you need the full software for that), so I had to do the process manually. What's funny is that my laptop is running Symantec Endpoint Protection and I regularly scan with Malwarebytes and SUPERAntiSpyware and none of them caught this. I've decided that I'll now be running Kaspersky's scan periodically from this point forward for a little more peace of mind. -- Jim
  2. Well that was interesting. So support actually got me pointed in the right direction - here's my email back to them: Wow, boy am I glad I hit you guys up. Turns out you were right on the money - it was malware. Considering I'm running Symantec and also doing weekly scans with Malwarebytes and a couple other utilities, that surprises me, but that's the nature of technology I guess. Basically what was going on is that the malware had locked down the Run key in the registry (in some weird way that wasn't even permissions related). So BTSync couldn't write to it and that was (I'm assuming) the issue with the install. It would basically act like a failed installed and then remove the BTSync.exe file. Of course it was a real pain in the ^&*$ to remove, but once I wasted 4 hours of my day, everything was good. The installation of Sync went perfectly and the problem is gone. Thanks for your help on this! -- Jim Pretty unique scenario, but nevertheless, wanted to follow-up and let everyone know what transpired. -- Jim
  3. Thanks, Helen! I tried Process Monitor but it didn't yield any process that I would think would be abnormal. I don't have any AppData folders as sync shares and the exorcism failed miserably, so I created a support case with the sync.log and proc mon results. Hopefully they'll be able to find something - this one's pretty frustrating! I'll update this thread with the results to help anyone else that might run into this same situation. Thanks again, -- Jim
  4. Hi everyone - I'm a longtime user of Sync and my setup is pretty straightforward... A laptop and a PC with owner access to all the synced folders (5) Another laptop and PC with owner access to just a couple of the above folders 2 Android phones with Read Only access to a couple of the folders So last week all of the sudden I happened to notice (thank God!) that my laptop (the main one with owner access to all folders) stopped syncing. After some massive fun digging, I learned that BTSync.exe was no longer in the C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync folder. Strange, but Ok, weird stuff can happen. I reinstalled the program with the latest version from the website 2.3.8 and it disappeared again. Long story short, I eventually got it to install by deleting the whole BitTorrent Sync folder from AppData and any other place I found it. I had to re-add all my folders, but this worked... for a while. Today it happened again. This time I was opening the GUI and it flashed and then disappeared. I went into the AppData folder and BTSync.exe was missing again. This is the strangest thing... when I rerun the install, it puts it back in there and then it disappears seconds later and it doesn't matter which options I have selected in setup. I thought maybe my Symantec AV was possibly involved so I disabled that and tried again... same issue. Please don't tell me I'm crazy, but no matter how many times I try to reinstall it, that BTSync.exe file refuses to stay put. Any thoughts? -- Jim