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  1. Hi all, I have Resilio Sync running on two Windows 10 Pro computers and on an Asustor NAS. I try to use the most recent version of Resilio on all of them. I run Resilio as a (Windows) service on my two Win 10 Pro computers. Last week I noticed that my computers were not synchronizing anymore (seeing no file updates show up on my NAS). I then tried to open up Resilio (desktop icon) to open up a browser window which then opens That should normally trigger the application and show the Resilio desktop/dashboard. Unfortunately this did not work and every time I tried to start t
  2. Hi everyone, I have been using Resilio Sync for quite some time now and everything worked just fine until last week when I saw there was no syncing, no peer connection. Maybe a Windows 10 Pro update caused it, maybe the router, maybe the NAS, maybe the antivirus-firewall, I don't know, not yet anyway. I am using R Sync on an Asustor NAS (apk v2.4.4.) and on several computers (v2.5.10, now updated to 2.5.12). I only have local syncing so I have so far stayed away from relay and tracker servers. However, and this is where I definitely made a mistake, last week, becoming increasingly frustrated w
  3. Follow-up: it works! I have had to adjust some of the steps but in the end I got it to work. Also I migrated to Resilio Sync (automatically) on my desktop computers; NAS plus computers are now happily syncing.... Thanks for the help.
  4. Thanks @Helen , I'm going to work on this. One question at this stage: should I unlink the NAS from the LAN until I have also migrated to Resilio Sync on my three attached computers/laptops (as syncing is basically still active on those)??
  5. Ok Roman, please talk me through the manual migration process. NOTE: I have the Asustor NAS (AS-604T), using the v2.3.7 app on the NAS, and I use BT Sync on 3 computers (installed as a service). Apart from the steps to take (and how), please tell me also about the order in which to do this (NAS first or...?). If you need any additional info, just let me know. Thanks!
  6. I run BTSync v2.3.7 on my Asustor AS-604T NAS (and that works fine). I don't mind changing to Resilio Sync BUT I need to be certain that automatic conversion from BTSync to Resilio Sync (app version is currently v2.4.4) is also supported on my Asustor NAS (as it is for several other brands). That was NOT the case two weeks ago. QUESTION: When will this automatic conversion for the Asustor NAS be available??