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  1. Hi, im a long-time user of btsync, and more or less satisfied. I basically replaced googledrive, dropbox, onedrive and all the others with my btsync network. YEAH! Thats a success. Now, the big it companies merely now where i am on the internet, but not what i store. Thats awesome. BUT on my low-end devices, btsync is a memory hog and a cpu cycle eater. That is (as i now realized while reading the performance tips that are floating around) because I store all my nitty gritty little files in sync (all the files that otherwise would be in some big brother cloud). E.g. on the one low-end device which really gives me an headache currently, i have one share that contains my digital library with 4 GB hdd, 80k files and 2k directories. The performance of the device (intel atom dual core w/ win8pro and 2gb ram) seems strongly correlated with the number of files that are synced by btsync. For my "high-end" hardware, i dont complain. but for the low-end hardware, performance is getting more and more unbearable. Thats why i ask: @all: What is your strategy coping with this problem? @resilio: Is there a road map for tackeling that problem? If yes, please share it with me/us. If no, please share with us/me how we can get rid of this problem, e.g. tell me which alternative service provides a sync for lots of small files.