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  1. Oh. Emm. Gee. It's been 134 hours since I requested a key, and my follow up email was bounced!!!11!1!
  2. First, encrypted folders are an awesome feature - just a really great idea. But, as far as I can tell, their biggest use case is for backups. And what use are backups without versioning? I don't mind providing my own previous versions, but I can't seem to get it to work. I've been playing with it all night to solve the following problem: The scenario I'm imagining is, I have a folder I'm sharing with Read/Write access among a dozen or so users, and one server as an encrypted folder (to ensure there is always up-to-date access among the users, and encrypted because there may be PII in the files the users are sharing). BT Sync is an awesome tool for this scenario so far, right? But then imagine one of the users gets hit with ransomware that locks the files in the shared folder. The changes quickly(!) would propagate to all the users and be unrecoverable without paying up. Fair enough, that's not BT-Syncs problem, it's just doing what it should do. But if on the server I'm saving a backup of the encrypted folder every hour, including the hidden .sync folder with the ID in it, and I have all three keys accessible from the UI (read/readWrite/encrypted) available, how can I reseed a sync from a copy saved an hour before the ransomeware? If I restore the backed up encrypted folder on the server, enter the encryption key and point it at the restored folder - then on the user's side enter the RW key - it doesn't ever re-sync the files already in the encrypted folder. What am I doing wrong? Would backing up/restoring the directory with the BTsync install as well as the actual shared folder make any difference? (And yes, this really is just hypothetical for me at this point, no actual data is at risk. I'm just testing for now)