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  1. Hi Helen, many thanks. It was as simple as enabling the Pro trial. I feel so embarrassed. Here are some thoughts on this topic: # Adding a new peer to Sync, this peer should automatically receive Pro-Features if other peers are running in a Pro-Licences # As long as a peer is using the trial Pro, it would be helpful if you chance the name of the Upgrade-Button. So users see that they are already using the Pro features but on a trial Version of Sync. My mistake was assuming that I've already enabled the trial and hence never checked this option in my Win7 computer. I re
  2. Hi guys, I really hit a dead end and need some help. I set up four devices as follows: Device 1: Raspberry Pi using Raspbian as the first device for Sync. Device 2: MacBook Pro 13 Retina as the second device, using the 35 digits from the Raspberry to link the devices. Device 3: Moto X Play using the QR_Code from the Raspberry Pi to link the devices. Device 4: Lenovo T450s running Windows 7, using the 35 digits from the Raspberry to link the devices. The Problem: If I add a folder on device 1, 2 or 3 it will show up and sync with any file on any other device besides de