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  1. Hi Helen, Despite what you say, I'm seeing a lot of mixed language in the site and in the FAQ. Hence my confusion. On the actual comparison page ( it states that the Pro license is not for business use. It even states at the top that these plans are "for personal use only. If you wish to use Sync in your business, please check our business plan." Which links to Sync for Workgroups. I found the volume licensing that you mentioned. I think you guys need to get your copywriter to standardize the language across your website, but I digress. Here's where I'm running into a problem with my situation. I have a client with under 20 users. Some of them travel occasionally, but not the same people. So they have a couple loaner laptops. How will the per-person licensing apply to users who share these systems? In this case, the cost of Sync for Workgroups becomes unfeasible because instead of having one user with many machines, my client has one machine with many users. Microsoft's server licensing scheme, for example, provides CALs for both user and device levels. I feel that you could benefit from that model to appeal to clients like mine. Thoughts?
  2. Hello, I'm a bit unclear about the licensing structure of Sync for Workgroups and Resilio Connect. Your EULAs don't make this explicit either. Do you require a Workgroups license for each machine that will have the Sync client installed? Does this translate to Connect as well? Please advise. Thanks! - Hann
  3. Hello, Does Sync have Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) support in Windows? Long story short, I'm researching a use-case scenario for one of my nonprofit business clients, and Sync for Workgroups looks promising. Users are prone to working on files and leaving them open for the entire day, then shutting down their PCs, leaving no time for Sync to do its job if VSS isn't available. I use Sync Free, but can't remember if it does or doesn't have VSS. I know that pre-2.0 versions didn't because I remember seeing a locked file error during a sync once. Searching the website and Google doesn't state this explicitly either. If it's not supported, will it be in the future? Mods, please feel free to move this topic to Feature Requests if this is the case. Cheers, Hann