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  1. ok thanks Helen, I think I got a little bit closer to solving my problem. When I have created a file on server01 and modified the synced file on server02, the file inherits the security from the hidden .sync folder. So if there are a lot of subfolders with different permisssions it wont matter because the synced file only looks on the security on the .sync folder. I found this KB on the problem with file permissions: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/310316 " You can modify how Windows Explorer handles permissions when objects are copied or moved to another NTFS volume. When you cop
  2. hi I have a strange problem with files loosing the security permissions. Example: I create a test.bmp file on server1 that get synced to server2 without problems and with the right security permissions. Everything gets synced correctly - all user and group permissions. I then modify the test.bmp file on server02 that gets synced but now with fewer security group and user permissions. The file permisssion on server02 is ok but the synced file on server01 is missing 2 security groups. Hope you guys can help me because this is really annoying. The servers are running windows server 2012. I c