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  1. Yes, the placeholder and Dropbox's smart sync is exact the function we need! But the dropbox corp isn't releasing this function to plus user, otherwise I would purchase it immediately. Sorry for what I said, I am the user in China, you may have not heard of the GFW, just referring it as a F*CK wall between your computer and other computer outside your LAN. And another thing I am not satisfied about Syno is about its files synchronization mechanism, I posted some articles about asking why sometime my normal files are disappeared from their default location and moved to the archive folder, but Helen's answer didn't explain clearly enough. FYI, the files in Archive folders would be deleted after 30 days... I even wrote a short program to monitor the Archive folder's content to see what files are added today.... So, really a waste of time choosing a good tool to use. Now I am using the old time tools, FreeFileSync... and portable Hard disk....and now, everything just working fine... Two years user of syno, and just left. Sigh.... Yi.
  2. Man, this is in China. [Problem solved]
  3. No official reply for 2 days... really a little disappointment. And just some time ago some unknown error just happened and two of my shared folders are missing and the folders names were changed to some random chars such like xT9J8o or some alike. The Syno said the folders are missing, so then I chose the correct folder on the local computer and found tons of the files are moved to Archive folder, what I can do now? I hope the sync can move them back in short time but the hope is almost gone. I set the archive ttl to 1 day so I need to move quick in case the Syno delete those normal files in Archive folder forever! @Helen
  4. I used Syno for over 1 yrs. And I am feeling confusion about exactly purpose of these folders. I know those long hash filename file is temporary files which are not yet finished receiving from others or my other peers. But what is the files in Archive folder? For example, I found some of the "full" files in the Archive folder, and I didn't delete any of those. A long time ago, I experienced a hard time about my precise photos missing event, and I found them in Archive folder with 0 bytes, and I didn't noticed the size of those missing files, so I moved them back the "normal" position(out of the Archive folder), and finally, those 0 bytes are totally missing for ever. So my question is, if I didn't delete files in normal folder, and I found some of "full" files in Archive folder, what I can do? Is it safe to move the "full" files back to the normal position? or I just left them alone and wait the Syno to deal with them? Thanks in advance. @Helen Yi.
  5. I downgrade to 2.4.5, and it seems everything is fine.. hope Sync team to fix the bug, Thanks in advance.
  6. I used ShadowSocks all the time, the Sync is working well with Socks5. That's what I can you now.
  7. Can't connect to the tracker server after upgrading to the 2.5.2, the original ver is 2.4.4, which is fine...The internal cooperate network with SS b/c no UPNP forwarding. Hope to fix this bug. Enjoy the new interface BTW.
  8. according my personal experience, the deletion is temporary, I think you could find your files in .archive folder, even not, the sync would move those "deleted" files back to ur original location. I think sync would use .archive folder as temporary location for unknown operation.. or unknown purpose....
  9. One more thing, is it OK to use the PORT 80 in my working place? I just set it to 80 and seem everything goes well....
  10. Hi, @Helen I found the connection between client 2 and 3 are no stable, most of time the connection between them would be appear to be disconnection. So, I am thinking what method would help to increase the connectivity? GitHub - xtaci/kcptun: A Simple UDP Tunnel Based On KCP I found this tools which would help to convert TCP data into UDP data, would it help? Or use VPN to make my working client PC to dispose to the Internet? I don't think folders.default_known_host is reliable, after I filled that option with my home sync's Ip and port, the connectivity didn't improve. So please give some advice. I checked everything I could do, but the connectivity is not reliable still.
  11. Thanks for replying. I think both of 2 and 3 could connect to relay server, b/c if they don't there would be a red tip below the GUI said they could not connect to the relay server, isn't it right?
  12. Hi, I was kind of gotten the sync among 3 clients done, until recent several days something weird happened. First please allow me to describe my Sync environment: Client 1, a CENTOS server in cloud. 24*7 RUN, with name of "Sync on aliyun". Only synced very few files b/c the disk volume is very expensive, The point is use Sync on this server is to use its public IP to help improve the connectivity among different peers. At least I thought it could help.... Client 2, a PC, windows 10 in my home, got public ip under openwrt router and opened PNP. I used this PC to work after I got off the work place. Client 3, a PC, windows 10 at my work place. Only a computer in my work place network. Nearly a hundred computer used one public IP, no ability to change the router setting, No uPNP. I used Shadowsocks and local port is I checked the option of "use proxy server" and "use proxy server" in Resilio Sync in advanced preference. 24*7 RUN. PS: i wanted to upload some pics, but found my MAX TOTAL SIZE: IS ONLY 0.03MB?? how could be possible a pic is only 30kb? So, no pics anyways. I liked to open my home pc and get synced from my OFFICE PC. But now this could not work any more. The problem is Client 2 and 3 could "see" client 1, but 2 & 3 could not 'SEE" each other, why this happened? I used Client 1's IP in client 2's & 3's advanced preference of "folders.default_known_host", I thought this would help different peer to find each other. But the truth is, which doesn't help that much. So, please, anything I would debug to change to improve my situation? Thanks in advance.
  13. 3 days after submitting the log and ticket and got no response... what to do now?
  14. Thanks for the reply. I will report the debug log file and other essential stuff up the tech support. Anyway, the "updating" repeated even got no other peer. That's weird.
  15. I found some files in the Sync folder keep updating again and again every a few minutes, and got no reason. Even there is no other peer online or connected the local peer. The .SYNC folder is empty. I captured the screen, help please.
  16. GOOD FOR YOU. Another question, is Resilio Connect another software?
  17. sudo chown rslsync:rslsync -R <your SYNC folder>
  18. What's the improvements from RC2? The change log is too general, would you mind giving more details about difference between RC2 and 2.4.0 official release? @Helen
  19. Thanks Helen, the articles described the exactly what I wanted to archive. Thanks again.
  20. I got a VPS in US, a alicloud in China mainland, a laptop with Centos 7 and PC with windows 10, the last three clients all located within the China mainland. At least in my opinion, the 4 of all clients above are running good. As for the full usage of band of the internet, I think the right line you chose is maybe the problem. I use CHINA UNICOM for 200MB for the PC and laptop in my home. Though the IP is dynamics, but with the help of DNS's API, I ran a python script in my OPENWRT router to bind a domain name to the PC and laptop,and allocate the port of 8888 and 8899 for their Sync ports. And the speed for uploading and downloading of Sync between the US and China are almost around 20MB and 200MB separately. So, in my thought the China Great Firewall is not blocking every port coming out or coming in the China mainland, not possible for large amount of corporations with goods export demand or the foreigners lived and working in China.
  21. b/c the files are too many and maybe indexing and syncing would last for long time. And I already got the same files on another computer, why to sync for another time? And maybe i also miss ur point? what do you mean " add the folder in office"? Maybe i didn't make the clear point, what I meant is I got two same folders on 2 computer, can I tell Sync that they are the same, and let the Sync to double check that? Rather than let Sync copy all the files from A to B again and make duplicated files on B?
  22. Not sure what platform and CPU ur got Sync running on, my CPU usage lowered down after some time, I thought its either of the weaker CPU for RPi or the too many files to sync. Not a problem for my I5 and 8GB laptop.
  23. Hi busdriver, i kinda of think we should somehow try to reduce the numbers of files for syncing progress. One thing I like to do in my daily spare time is to check the files I got on my hard disk. For examples, I always liked to ZIP those old files (maybe thousands of them in one folder and subfolder) into one and named it with a pretty clear name. No matter the copy or sync process would accelerate a lot. Not the best way to ur problem, just for a tip. Unless the CPU or HDD is fast enough, or this is the bug of programming, no really way to solve the indexing for a large amounts of files.