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  1. The links for i386 and x86 point to the the old 1298 build.
  2. On my Linux machine I have this weird issues since v.2.5.0. Progress stuck at 18% forever even though the transfer seems to be finished for days.
  3. @YI WANG I'm currently running Sync on a VPS. So I cannot make a valid recommendation, but I suspect, if you plan to use an old Laptop anything with an Intel Core2Duo should be sufficient.
  4. I found another "error" in the webconsole (Firefox and Chrome) for the Linux Version. start Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check init language GET https://my.server.tld/gui/css/style.css 404 (Not Found) checking browser checking user terms initing store and global checking identity initing main onInit GET https://my.server.tld/gui/version.json?1472712204748 404 (Not Found) License FETCHED, Valid: true F.i {cid: "c5", attributes: Object, _changing: false, _previousAttributes: Object, changed: Object…} app ready
  5. @RomanZ@Helen I know that this is not a bug, either a UI incoherence. On OSX and I guess on Windows as well the "My devices" ,enu is accessible from the top bar. On Linux you have to click the gear icon and then on "My devices". Could this be moved to the same position where it is on OSX to make the UI look equal on all devices? I attached 2 Screenshots. Linux: OSX:
  6. @Helen Yes, no green checkmarks or any other Sync Status indicator.
  7. Just another question. On OSX I enabled the Finder Extension, but I don't see the the Sync Icons. Here is how it looks like: And I guess it is supposed to look like this:
  8. @RomanZ On my Server, were it now shows "x out of 4" it lists my Android-Device, my MacBook and 2 times the Server. On my MacBook it lists my Android-Device one active Server and one inactive Server. On the Android-Device it shows the correct number of peers; 2 of 2. I did not reinstall Sync on any of these peers. Until yesterday I did not have any problems. Last night I added the Server to the "predefined Hosts" on the MacBook, and this morning I saw that the peers increased. Btw. I already opened a support ticket.
  9. I currently testing 2.4 on my Linux server and a MacBook. In total I have 3 peers the 2 above mentioned and one Android client. I added the IP address of my server to the host list of each folder on my MacBook and now the client says that 2 out of 3 clients are online. When I lock at the my device list it only shows the 3 devices I mentioned in the beginning. On the other 2 clients it still says 2 out of 2. Edit: I just saw that it sometimes says 3 out of 3, but I still don't get why. Also on the Server it now says 3 out of 4. MacBook: Linux: