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  1. I keep hoping that they’re going to change this behavior in a new software build. I keep forgetting to change that setting when I set up a new library, and then inevitably I run out of storage on one or more of my computers, and I am reminded that it is always the same problem. 🤦🏻
  2. I haven’t tried it again, because the risk of Final Cut library corruption is too high. I just know now to exit before opening up Final Cut Pro and importing new video content.
  3. First let me say that I really like Resilio Sync in general and am happy to be a paying customer. It's a very solid product that generally just works. However, a few months ago I decided to re-create all six of my libraries across my three devices. I forgot about the massive "gotcha" with this product I wanted to express again how incredibly problematic the default settings are: keeping deleted files in a hidden folder without user opt-in is a terrible default. I just finished deleting 400+ GB of data across my three devices and it's incredibly frustrating that I have to remember to have to go into each library, turn off the "Store deleted files in folder archive" - then repeat that 24 times (6 libraries x 3 devices), then do the clean-up of going into every library, turning on hidden file viewing, and deleting things in the /Archive folder. I work with a lot of big photo and video files, so the default of purging every 30 days isn't good enough (I'm not convinced it actually works properly based on what I was seeing in fact). I know I can change that in the advanced settings, but why should a customer have to? I'm convinced this default setting is using up a lot of storage on customer devices and they don't realize it. Please re-think how this is implemented. It is a huge negative to an otherwise superb product.
  4. Right. But what I'm saying is that "Pause" is the wrong word if the engine keeps going in the background and trashes my Final Cut Pro projects...it's misleading and confusing to customers.
  5. Hi Helen. Thanks for your response. Respectfully, can I suggest that "Pause" is not the right word to use if it doesn't stop indexing? To me "Pause" means "to temporarily cease", which should including indexing. A global pause should stop everything. If I use the IgnoreList, then it will ignore those files permanently, which then breaks the premise of why I use Resilio Sync in the first place.
  6. I forgot to exit Resilio Sync today before importing a bunch of videos into Final Cut Pro, and like always, it corrupts the project after the video import. If I manually pause the library it still happens - the only solution is to completely exit the app. Any chance we could get a fix for this?
  7. Hey Flomat. I'm sorry you had to go through the same painful experience as me with trashed and corrupted FCP projects. Resilio Sync really needs to stop everything when the user selects pause.
  8. PLEASE STOP changing the application to keep deleted files! I’ve lost track of the number of hours I’ve wasted trying to clean up after your app. It’s almost like a storage-eating virus! I’ve lost hundreds of GB of space until I dig into the hidden foldersa and delete it. I’ve used the Power User feature to set the storage value to 0, but it still keeps the deleted files unless I go into each individual library on EVERY DEVICE and tell it to not keep deleted copies. This is insane. Please let users OPT-IN to such a storage-hogging feature! Activating this by default, and not telling users this is happening, is doubtless consuming many GB of storage and people don’t realize it.
  9. There’s a bug in the pause feature on macOS: the indexer still fires when Sync is supposed to be paused. I use Resilio Sync to keep my Final Cut Pro project folder in sync across multiple computers, and when Sync is paused globally - and I’ve confirmed I can see the pause sign across all my libraries - I still see the indexer fire. This is a problem because when it scans the Final Cut Pro project folder during the import of media, it trashes the media import process and I end up with broken files. I took me weeks to debug this, but I can replicate it every time now. The indexer is touching the imported video files before FCP can transcode them, and it makes FCP see the files as missing. The only way I can create new Final Cut Pro projects and import media is to fully exit Resilio Sync on my Mac and, import my media, shut down FCP, start up Sync, let it sync, then start FCP. This is not ideal. :-) So please make it so that when a pause is initiated, it pauses EVERYTHING including the indexer. Thanks!
  10. It’s REALLY problematic that you guys turn on the “Store deleted items in archive” by default and without warning the user. Not only does that take up huge amounts of space, it has a ripple effect for those of us doing cloud backups. I rip 40 GB MKV files to my desktop and immediately move them to my server - but they’re along for the ride with this feature! And then to make us turn it off for every folder on EVERY device…yikes. This is really not a well-thought out feature. There should be a global setting to turn this off all at once, and for certain it should be an option for users to opt into. EDIT: This gets even worse. When you un-check that option, it doesn't purge the deleted folders in the archive! So I have to go in and delete them manually. Urgh. :-(
  11. Thank you for the response. One of the things that surprises me is how long it takes to initiate a sync - or, at least, for it to actually occur. And sometimes it happens in phases - I was synching my iMac desktop and all the folders synced, one file, but the other 20 or so files didn't sync (and it had finished; there was no active sync occurring). I emailed your support team, went away for a few hours, and when I came back the files were all there! That seems quite unreliable to me. How long should it take for all files to be synched?
  12. M'kay, now I'm going to be that guy that responds to his own post. I watched it limp along for about 20 minutes at 100 KB/s to 200 KB/s, then suddenly it shoots to 10 MB/s and stays there for several minutes. I am baffled - why is the speed so wildly inconsistent? And why, if I had simply added one 6.6 MB file, does it do a large transfer? It sure looked like it was doing more than just the one file...yet I can't see anything in the History view of what it did. I find Resilio very unpredictable and odd - with Cubby, I know exactly what it's doing because I can see it happening and it all makes sense (expected behaviours). Not so with Resilio. I want to switch away from Cubby because Cubby is too expensive (I don't want or need their 100 GB of cloud storage, but they force it on you), but I need to feel confident in Resilio and right now I don't.
  13. Is there a known bug with Mac program files (DMG) synching? I had two folders that were finished synching yesterday. I took one file, a 6.6 MB OS X app (in DMG format) out of one folder and put it into another folder. The folder the file was added to is now attempting to sync with the other peer, but it's going at around 100 KB/s or less. And these are two computers on the same LAN, so the speed should be in MB/s not KB/s. I am quite puzzled by what I'm seeing. Is this a known issue?
  14. Hi! I'm new to using Sync - well, this is my third attempt to use it and it was going OK until today. I have it set to sync one folder of files (with about 10K files, 37 GB total). It ran the sync and was working OK for most of today. However, right now when I move a couple of files into the folder (from any of the devices), nothing happens (and I've waited several hours). I can see 2 of 2 peers online. I've exited from Sync on OS X (the other two peers are Windows 10) and re-started it. I see it say "Indexing" but then it doesn't sync the files. I've paused it and resumed it. Under the status column it's blank. Any idea of what I can do now? --------- Update: Turns out this was a case of a folder within a folder sync, and thus there was no issue. I'm having OTHER problems with this app though, so I may most about those later. :-)