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  1. I figured out your instructions, and I tried that. But this is what happens:
  2. I figured this out finally. But I can't figure out how to delete this post so I don't waste anyone's time answering it.
  3. I've wasted hours trying to sort this out: The screen shot below is what I see when I open Sync. This folder seems to be what's keeping me from accepting the link to the folder my colleague is trying to share and sync with me. I can't remove this "Folder not found." I don't see any way to remove or delete it, and until I do, I can't accept the folder I need to receive. How do I remove this???
  4. That is the same link Support already sent me and there aren't any instructions for syncing to an external drive. What is a Manual Connection? How do I "pick a USB drive as a destination"?
  5. My question is pretty simple. Sync Support has been of no help. I can't find a simple answer in the forums either. My colleague is the BitTorrent Sync owner. She has a large photo folder I in need to download/sync with. The file is too big for my laptop, I don't have the space. I need to download/sync this large folder to an external drive. This folder can't live on my laptop, it's too big. How do I download/sync directly to my external drive? I have not synced anything yet. I don't even know how.