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  1. I also got this message after upgrading. We purchased a business/team subscription but were still getting this message. I was just told by support that servers are no longer supported unless you get the minimum $199/month Business Accelerator plan. If this is true, they just lost a customer.
  2. I may be misunderstanding, but we only have two machines in Sync and both of those are on distinctly separate networks. I have also confirmed they are both using different listening ports. That said, I do think when the Mac rebooted, the listening port changed from what it was previously. Could that be a factor?
  3. Thanks mlwang. That is exactly what we are experiencing. Thanks for the additional info and screenshots!
  4. Hello all. We're using Sync Pro v2.3.8. I recently had to restart a Mac and was not able to stop the BTSync service first. Upon reboot, I am now seeing what I can only describe as extra phantom peers—multiple instances of the same peer showing up. I only have two machines and so the Peers Online list should show 1 of 1, but on some of the shared folders, it shows 3 of 3. When I look at the Peers Online list, the phantom peers show 2 of the same machine name as the Mac and 1 valid peer. When I go to the other valid machine (a Windows Server), the Peers Online list shows 1 of 2. Clicking on that list shows two instances of the Mac machine name with one green and the other gray. Any ideas why this is happening. I'm worried that Sync will not be working properly because of this.