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  1. With me version 2.6.2 is the first version that often crashes. It's only because of my snyced 'Downloads' folder on macOS 10.14.2 and happens mostly when Safari changes the temp file of a download to the final file. Not the worst thing but sometimes a little bit annoying.
  2. Dear admins and Resilio employees, is there also a beta build for QNAP x86_64? Best regards
  3. Is there also a build for QNAP x86_64?
  4. Same problem here - looks quite awful But at least the main functionality works: syncing is fine on my High Sierra installation.
  5. @dh3lix Thanks for your confirmation of the problem and the hint with the QNAP App Store. I'm going to wait a few days for a fixed version of the Resilio installation package and if nothing comes up soon I'll revert to the 2.3.8 from the QNAP App Store. Regards
  6. Hello all, today I tried to upgrade from BitTorrent Sync 2.38 to Resilio Sync 2.4 on my QNAP TS879-Pro. Not only the upgrade failed but also no further installation of Sync is starting on my NAS. I've tried removing the app an reinstalling and restarting the NAS vice versa. I've even tried the x86_64-Version even when my QOS is only 4.2.2. Is the 2.3.8-version available somewhere or are there other solutions to my problem? Best regards GeHoGo