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  1. I posted on Reddit and got a suggestion that fixed the issue: You have to create the shared folder first via the DSM dashboard, then set up Resilio and tell it to use that shared folder. I had already synced 100s of GBs of data to the Synology over Resilio, so I didn't want to have to do that all again. My process was: Uninstall Resilio Create a new "Sync" folder (different name to the default "Resilio Sync" folder that Resilio sets up initiall) via the DSM dashboard Ge
  2. I've got a DS218+ and I've successfully gotten Resilio up and running using the guide. The only issue is that I can't see the Resilio Sync folder in the "shared folder" section of DSM, not can I set up the Resilio Sync folder to be shared over AFP/NFS/Samba etc. Is is possible to do this? I would imagine it has something to do with the rslsync user (which I also can't see in DSM)
  3. Thanks Helen, Good to know. I have a support ticket open at the moment but knowing that I will try figure out the problem
  4. @Manu.74 your folders need to be owned by `rslsync` user, not `btsync` like before
  5. I've now updated the linux machine to 2.4 but there is now the following in the logs that repeats every second or so: [20160924 19:13:02.654] JOURNAL[C7E5]: got 1 files from remote ( [20160924 19:13:02.654] JOURNAL[C7E5]: Mutex file check failed with error : 103 [20160924 19:13:02.654] SF[C7E5] [E40B]: State sync finished [20160924 19:13:02.654] D! 10SyncTcpReq[0x00007f97c014fc30][TCP-TUNNELL] [0000]: cancel C014FC30 - incoming merge, refcount - 2 [20160924 19:13:02.654] MD[C7E5]: OnFinishedProcessingFilesFromRemote [20160924 19:13:02.655] SF[C7E5]: Merge finished
  6. Does the Debian repo need to be updated? I'm on 2.3.8 and haven't been able to update.
  7. Hmmm. So "my other machines" above include a home linux server. I noticed that once I stopped the btsync service on that machine my OSX idle usage immediately stopped. Looking at the syncs there are no more "getsyncfolders" every second.
  8. I'm using Resilio 2.4 on OSX 10.11.6 (El Capitan on a 2015 MPB 15" retina). I'm noticing an average CPU usage of 15-20% while Resilio is idle (no indexing or transferring). When I look at the sync.log I see that there is some sort of polling taking place every second. [20160922 10:40:04.579] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1474537204574) [20160922 10:40:05.714] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1474537205709) [20160922 10:40:05.830] API: <-- getsyncfolders({ "corestate": [ ], "folders": [ LONG LIST OF ALL MY SHARES ], "loading" : false, "speed" : {"downsp
  9. I am running 2.3.8 on OSX and on Ubuntu with my local network. I have set up a number of shared folders on my Mac that have successfully synced to the NAS. They are 'advanced' folders for which I'm the owner. Now when I add a new subfolder with content on my NAS, the syncing changes are not reflected on my Mac. In other words, syncing only seems to be happening in one direction for this particular share. I have tested other shared folders and when I add a file on the NAS they are updated on the Mac so it's only happening in this one particular folder.
  10. I want to sync a number of folders between multiple devices on my network. Once of these folders has > 100Gb of photos, another has a very large number of small files. The initial sync of these folders across devices is going to therefore take a large amount of time. Are there any shortcomings of simply copying these folders initially (via a simple external USB transfer or rsync) than simply "hooking them up" on Resilio once they have been transferred so that they can be indexed?