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  1. Hi, i solved the problem; the account where i would install from is a administrator account; but it is corrupt. after my yesterday typing of no updates; i was wondered that SP1 wasn't installed; i tried to install SP1 but got permission errors. I created a new admin account and installed SP1 and after that succesfully the sync software thanks for your help, I am a happy user now ! Reinald
  2. Hi Helen, thanks for your replay, I'm Using Windows 7; (without updates) <removed link to the logs> Reinald
  3. Hi, i'm new with this sync programm; i've installed it on my server @ home; it works fine; when installing the first client; the installation goes fine. after agreeing the 2 terms, i can push the proceed button but nothing happens. when closing the programm and restart it; i have to create a new idenity, but when pushing the "create identity" button nothing happens. i checked for logfiles in the Roaming directory, but i can't find any logfile with error information. does some have an idea? Reinald