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  1. I had the same issue while testing to upgrade to version 2.5.12 in a network with older versions of btsync running on other systems. I am thinking about upgrading the versions running on my network, but as it is working just fine, I'll do it another day.... My post on a similar issue
  2. I had similar problem med different versions of sync on my network. I upgraded one of my Raspberry Pi:s to the latest sync version for testing. My laptop with an older version of sync freezed the computer (Linux). Sync process and memory usage went to 100%. The other Raspberry Pi:s with the same old sync version as the laptop didn't have the same issues. Strange.
  3. Ok, I'll see thats the way forward, to reinstall sync on my network. Anyway, thanks for the swift answer.
  4. Hi! Just want your advice which way forward is the best. I have a network of some Raspberry Pi 2 running older versions of sync: BitTorrent Sync 2.3.3 (296) Yesterday I tried to upgrade 1 of these Pis with the latest armhf-version: Resilio Sync 2.5.12 (1191) The upgrade went well and initially no problems. Server was runing fine, web-gui working fine. The problems: 1. I started so see these in the logs on the Pi with the latest version: [20180223 23:48:50.549] SF[XXXX] [XXXX]: Ignoring "peers" message [20180223 23:48:50.662] SF[XXXX] [XXXX]: Ignoring "peers